We Went Back To School…

We Went Back To School…

We pretend to be back in School. It was incredible.
another vlog next week!

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23 Responses

  1. Slimecicle says:

    As an American it was really mind-opening to participate in this 100% accurate recreation of the British school system

  2. Maithax says:

    I love that Bill and Ranboo did absolutely nothing in the back of the class. They’re definitely the kids who would drop in classes randomly just to hang out with the teacher during their free period

  3. OMmpPalLoomPAa says:

    Ranboo and bill are just prime examples of how the kids in the back get away with everything 😂

  4. Ana Saavedra says:

    Describe them all in a nutshell
    James: a strict domineering teacher who’d I guess has been stunted by the bullies in his school years
    Charlie: a nerd who wants to be teacher’s pet but fails but somehow doesn’t know that he is the main character
    Tommy: a class clown who enjoys torturing the teacher and somehow believes that can inspire someone else but he can’t
    Wilbur: that one kid who’s been raised by his religiously devout parents who doesn’t realizes that he’s been taken advantage of by the teacher and is suffering from its traumatic upbringing
    Freddie: the straight man of the group(don’t let that term fooled you I know that Fred’s stated he’s bisexual but that’s not what I meant by that) who’s trying to keep things under control cause he’s scared of getting the unwanted attention from his teacher
    And finally there’s billzo and Ranboo: the stoners duo who’s has stumbled across the classroom by accident and has no way of questioning where and how they’d got here because how severely stoned they are

  5. Tony Zed says:

    this is my favourite tom simons vlog so far. wilbur and james have immaculate comedic chemistry in every vlog but this one with the more roleplay-esque setting made it shine even more. charlie was hilarious as well.

  6. iNabber says:

    this made me realize that james actually really looks like a GCSE history teacher

  7. Chez Shorts says:

    i havent laughed this hard in a VERY long time, and I just went thru a breakup so this really made me happier 😂 love the video!!

  8. Ava Grace says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but, I’ve never found Tommy to be annoying. I’ve always thought he was hilarious, he has such great content across all his channels and he’s just really interesting and fun to watch!

  9. Olivia Smith says:

    Ranboo and Bill are just an example of how kids at the back of the class get away with everything

  10. Hurricane XD says:

    I love how Bilzo and Ranboo are just sitting together and vibing- they’re like that one group of friends that can never be separated: they go to detention together, they share homework/assignment answers, they sit at lunch, etc.

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