WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story – official trailer

WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story – official trailer

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  1. Dan Cohen says:

    Yay! Al has made a totally factual biopic about his life. He would never put a bunch of stuff in there to make fun of biopics. Not him, never him. He’s way to serious to do something like that.

    • narsaku canada says:

      @Bas I’m telling the truth. /Shrugs

    • Bas says:

      @narsaku canada go spam your fairytale love somewhere else plz

    • narsaku canada says:

      Last year with no place left to turn I prayed to God in repentance then begged for help with all my heart, “I was until then a lifelong Atheist.”

      I then had a dream of Jesus coming before God and he spoke of the Tabernacle in perfect context, “A word I didn’t know existed because I’ve never read the bible”, and the love I felt from Jesus was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before – A lifetime of joy every second – It brought me to sobbing and it changed my life forever.

      I’ve had other miracles since, a few being a light turning on in answer to deeply needful prayer 6 times, seeing a orb of light hours before a major surgery, seeing an Angel in a dream the night my mother prayed for me to see one, “Without telling me”, and so much more.

      Know that God and Jesus ARE real and that they love us deeply. Let go of your hatred and Imagine yourself holding the people who’ve hurt you. Tell them you love and forgive them and I believe we should do our best to follow, “I’ve failed many times”, the 10 commandments.

      Always have hope. I believe that love is the answer. <3

    • Rojo Diablo says:

      @DemonicNightmare [Trailer voice] “You have heard of… or, well, may not have heard of Yahoo Serious… now you’ll know: ME TOO SERIOUS AL YANKOVIC!”

    • D S says:

      Hey, I absolutely believe the Dr. Demento in the bubble bath bit!

  2. Bobby Duke Arts says:

    Definitely going to watch this lol. I genuinely like your versions of the songs you parody better than the originals

  3. hotelmario510 says:

    I love that this trailer contains every “musical biopic” cliché you could possibly want. It’s just like Weird Al to have a biopic made about his life that parodies biopics.

    • mu6best says:

      Weird Al as the studio exec…

      What I would find even funnier than a whole movie of this would be if there was NO movie, just a bunch of trailers for the next couple years that are all slightly different and if you cut out the repeated parts and put them in the correct order you will eventually watch the entire movie – just only 60 seconds at a time

    • redroversk says:

      like a run-in with strange looking Michael Jackson as he falls off the Coke stage for the millionth time, but the tumble down the stairs is longer than the Ace Ventura fall and by the end, he’s an Indiana Jones sized fireball

    • Joshua Fraim says:

      @Kyle Sturman my favorite part of walk hard is the ending where they parody how every movie says what happens to the musician down the road except in this case he dies literally a second after the movie ends.

    • Honourable Doctor Edwin Moriarty says:

      It’s just as accurate as _Bohemian Rhapsody_ and _Rocketman_ , too!

    • S. Clohossey says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the trailer isn’t even in the movie, and these were all a set of extra scenes filmed. like we see the movie and the whole Madonna relationship isn’t even in it.

  4. Jason Parker says:

    This looks amazing. (although I am a little torn… wishing it were a real biopic about his life – which I’m sure was interesting enough without needing to parody biopics) Either way, I will see it because I love the stuff Al creates! Looks like it comes out in about a week… can’t wait! 🙂

  5. Jett Lockette says:

    Weird al, you are my childhood. I grew up with your parodies. You’re a legend, so funny, so talented, and beyond iconic. Thank you for inspiring me to be myself no matter what and go for my music career. Cant wait for this movie!
    I said it 2011 and I’ll say it again, you’re a genius🙌

  6. After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey says:

    This is literally the college humor skit 🤣 love it.

  7. CaptBeardie says:

    The only biopic that isn’t afraid to tell the true story!

  8. Carl the Caesar says:

    This entire thing radiates an intoxicating amount of sarcasm and I love it

    • Carl the Caesar says:

      @Galactic Kr8tions or Frank’s 2000 inch TV

    • Galactic Kr8tions says:

      I really hope they film a “red carpet opening” outside of some random guy’s house, and then everyone just goes in and squeezes in to watch on some 30-40″ Roku TV.

  9. Bubba Wiggles says:

    Years ago, I thought this was a parody. Then, I thought it was a parody again years later.

    Now, I know… deep in the cockles of my heart… it’s truly, truly a parody.

  10. Ben Bresulla says:

    I can’t believe we’re finally getting a true biography including the well documented years of Al’s trouble with drugs and alcohol addiction. He tried to have that scrubbed or power washed from the public consciousness but I’m glad he’s ready to explore it with film, and a straight to streaming film(the highest quality film) at that

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