SEC Shorts – Auburn nervous about season starting back

SEC Shorts – Auburn nervous about season starting back

After a tumultuous off-season including an investigation into the head coach, the resigning of the Athletic Director, and a slew of injuries to key players, the Auburn Tigers are rightfully a little nervous for their first day back.

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28 Responses

  1. Frank Coomes says:

    Right out of the gate and SEC Shorts is in mid season form. No pressure but you all are big part of my college football experience. Glad Hannah didn’t enter the transfer portal! Go Big Blue!!!

  2. James Christerson says:

    All is right in the world. College football is back as is sec shorts.

  3. Bryan Spann says:

    These are so funny and well-acted. Can’t wait for a new season of shorts (and, you know, all that football stuff). Hannah is so wholesomely cute and an engaging performer. Josh is hilarious as always

  4. Emily Cassi says:

    SEC Shorts is the pre-season party no one else has!! Thank god for the SEC Shorts!!!

  5. Eagle Rider says:

    Welcome back SEC Shorts , we’ve missed you .

  6. Marnie Sutton says:

    Can we all just take a moment to realize that this video means that we will be getting a new SEC Shorts video every Monday between now & the Championship Game in January!?! *Sigh of contentment* All is finally right with the world.

  7. Wil Font says:

    Even Vanderbilt’s putting up 60 off the mainland. Brilliant

  8. Dan says:

    As a gators fan in post-Mullen rebuild-rebuild year 1. I shudder in horror as to what SEC shorts might bring soon

  9. Ava Adams says:

    Some people say the official start of the SEC football season is when the first team kicks off…I say it’s when SEC Shorts starts uploading videos again!

  10. The Joey Freshwater Experience says:

    This has been a great start to the SEC Shorts season even without a game so far.

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