Welcome to the RATED R ERA! Adam Copeland arrives on Dynamite! | 10/4/23, AEW Dynamite

Welcome to the RATED R ERA! Adam Copeland arrives on Dynamite! | 10/4/23, AEW Dynamite

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Welcome to the RATED R ERA! Adam Copeland arrives on Dynamite! | 10/4/23, AEW Dynamite

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45 Responses

  1. Wesley Cooper says:

    Seeing Christian on the verge of tears and STILL stay in character is what does it for me

    • ApolloTheLeader says:

      It was probably actually really surreal for him

    • Cliff Jackson says:

      @ApolloTheLeader FACTS I mean your best friend that you have known for decades being in the same promotion as a active wrestler when few years ago It seemed like you both where retired due to injuries and got cleared and came back is pretty surreal.

    • Ian1387g says:

      I saw that in his eyes when Edge mentioned teaming with him again. Cannot wait for that eventuality. The storylines are endless

    • Big Jake says:

      @Ian1387gTHIS is how you tell a story! I hope that the boys and girls in the back as well as Tony Kahn were taking notes!! 🙄

  2. Mickey Mouse says:

    Christian is killing it in AEW. That segment was actually quite decent!

  3. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    Man this is the final destination for both Edge and Christian. They started with Gangrel part of the Brood and now as stars in their own right. What a journey they have had.

  4. Naz Housey says:

    The “Hide your dads, here comes Christian” sign killed me🤣

  5. Crazy Hercules says:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to ever see Christian and Adam together in a pro wrestling show like this ever again.
    This was a welcome surprise. For sure.

    • derp derpin says:

      Til you realize it’s still this incredibly old version of them and it’s AEW and nothing good ever happens.

    • Crazy Hercules says:

      @derp derpin lol, silly me to forget about the killjoys like you.
      You’re entitled to your opinion, bro. I’m not going to argue.

    • Patrick C says:

      ​@Crazy Herculeswe are just worried that edge is gonna be permanently injured by the idiot wrestlers on aew wanting spot fests

    • Crazy Hercules says:

      @Patrick C given most of the AEW roster are made up of young upstarts, point taken.
      But I think there’ll be a fair deal of receipts being handed out, though. I’m personally not too worried about it. Edge still has another 20 years left, I’m sure.

  6. Super Ginrai says:

    I gotta say Christian is a true professional. Everyone knows he and Adam Copeland are like brothers, but to still stay in character during such an emotional moment takes real talent. I’m really interested in seeing how this plays out.

  7. Ramon Alcantara says:

    I like how Christian stays in character but let’s face it he’s really really so excited to see his longtime friend again

  8. RONALDO SOUSA says:

    Brilhe muito mais Adam Copeland!❤

  9. Randy Orton says:

    Seeing Adam and Christian back in the same ring together Reeks of Awesomeness!!!!

  10. Edster III says:

    You can literally see the excitement in his voice, and in his eyes 👀! This isn’t a one off part timer, this is a man who is reinventing himself full-time, all-in, and full boar! The Rated ®️ Superstar is here to stay, and while I’m sure the feud with Christian is the one fans are most likely to want to see, Adam Copeland’s words have never been more perfect. The potential matches we could see are beyond incredible. Matches against Kenny Omega? Epic! MJF? Awesome! Adam Cole vs. Adam Copeland? Unbelievable! Or a Samoa Joe vs. Adam Copeland match? Holy crap! But yes, Adam Copeland versus Christian is probably one of the biggest match that people want to see. And maybe, maybe down the road, a potential Tag-Team reunion? Maybe? Maybe a nostalgic match, the Hardy Boyz vs. Rated ®️/Christian? Or a 3 way Tag match, Hardy Boyz versus Young Bucks versus Rated ®️/Christian? The potential matches and storylines since Adam Copeland arrived in AEW is absolutely incredible. There have so many options with just him. Not to mention the rest of this unbelievably talented roster. However seeing Adam Copeland in the ring, with a smile not seen in a long time, the enthusiasm, the excitement, and the possibilities? The future in AEW over the next 12-24 months will be absolutely incredible! THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN TO WATCH!

    • Dennis Brown says:

      He won’t be there long bud. He’s at the tail end of his career now. Even he has said that himself. Just don’t get too invested or attached.

    • Rare Money Records says:

      I Want Him & Matt Hardy Street Fight One More Time

    • Billy Ngouh says:

      @Rare Money Recordsfor what? Matt Hardy can barely go anymore there is no need for that match. If it had to happen to satisfy marks like you I’d rather it be Jeff who actually has a bit of juice left

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