When the Health Department Shows Up

When the Health Department Shows Up

It takes a total team effort

Co-write w/ Andrea Kelley

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49 Responses

  1. Garrett says:

    I want to eat at a restaurant entirely staffed by this guy in 20 different wigs.

  2. TheLootFinder says:

    I remember in culinary school that my teacher constantly told us- “Treat health inspector visits like a visit from the cops- if they don’t have papers, they don’t get in.”

    • himari riku says:

      @Name Not Important mhmm

    • himari riku says:

      @SomewhatNotable the only one thinking here

    • cod beast says:

      @Kevin Schmidt on your first point like you said in your 3rd all country’s are different. And I’m criticizing there use of language not there job or moral system . I’m not going ham or insulting them I just think insults on the internet by randoms don’t matter block or turn off notifications

    • Kevin Schmidt says:

      @cod beast
      first: every inspector will identify himself after you ask him, but that does not mean he is forced to do so by law.

      2.: I agree on that one and that is my whole point here. Why are you bashing HeatherHotcakes if the law is the supposed one you should be criticising.

      3.: Good that the inspectors of your country are forced to identify themself by law, but that doesn’t make it mandatory in every country on earth.

      4. I would never do that, because i personally think noone has the right to treat someone like an outlaw over a simple mistake or wrong statement. I wanted to show how silly it is to go ham over such trivial things.

    • SomewhatNotable says:

      Oh come on guys, let’s put the brakes on the hate train and chill out a bit. Just keep your stations clean and you won’t have to worry about anything.

  3. Stephanie Bethany says:

    We usually weren’t as worried about the health department as we were the quality control unit from olive garden. But either way, the moment someone looking suspiciously official was spotted walking up we were muttering into the headset and if there was enough coverage at the front, spreading the word around 😂

    • ddebenedictis says:

      @Joy B you know, “the food industry”…restaurants, grocery stores, farms, etc. They all need to phased out and replaced by a better option. Maybe soilant green. Maybe mass starvation. Whatever.

    • Yay Turray! says:

      Yes! I was a bartender at Olive Garden and TQ checks were WAY more ruthless and stressful.

    • Nicole DeRhone says:

      Same. I’d rather get a surprise visit from the health department than a scheduled visit from corporate

    • Joy B says:

      @Bruh Lo what industry needs to be phased out ? Lol

    • Joy B says:

      Most people on the block will call as soon as a health inspector comes haha “H.I. Is on fourth coming your way. Be ready, we weren’t.” Hahahahhahah I love my industry we all take care of each other no matter if we’re competition🤣

  4. SteveTheCoffee says:

    As a Public Health Inspector…this is so true.

    • micdeath says:

      I love you guys. I kept a tidy kitchen and service area. The inspector would randomly stop by to say hi and do a look over or bring up any concerns he got. I would be 100% upfront. New manager rolls in, I am no longer allowed to waste products out of date/time. New shift manager is a laid back teen that was fast tracked. I was told to stop harassing swing shift (i was graveyard) about hand washing, chewing tobacco on the customer facing prep area, use clean utensils, stop picking nose then prep, stop coughing in food, etc. It was a sight to behold when both state health inspector and corporate inspector came for the scheduled yearly inspection. To say the store had its balls nailed to the wall would be An understatement. We had a 99% compliance with the old managers, I have since left that place but from what I been told they never scored high again even when given the pity evaluations.

    • DancesWithBears says:

      @Coyote Rx You asked about being bribed, didn’t you? Well, these people tried and it didn’t work. No one else ever tried.

    • Coyote Rx says:

      @Amazing Autist you didn’t read what I said you read one part of it and built an assumption around that. Go back and actually read the comment if you’re going to reply with nonsense.

    • Coyote Rx says:

      @DancesWithBears I don’t know what that has to do with anything I said but cool story I guess.

    • Ricardo Ronco says:

      @Callum Footitt no, you’re the same.

  5. GGUNTER says:

    Everyone gangster until the health department shows up

    • Coyote Rx says:

      @Simon Baker why would the owner care? The bribe is easier/cheaper but worst case scenario the fines are more than the bribe but still laughably cheap. especially when they operate as a bar/club after hours. It’s also cheaper to bribe then to pay the cost to bring a place up to passable standards. To the public who eat or attend the place you’d be surprised how much low lighting and a coat of paint can hide. So why would a business owner care when they can get away with it?

    • saruka max says:

      I can’t believe they are all the same person.

    • Simon Baker says:

      @Coyote Rx or maybe y’know. Don’t have a shit ton of health violations?

    • Coyote Rx says:

      @Nietzsche Business I don’t blame you. Just be thankful I’m honest so now you actually know. Truth of the matter is. It happens everywhere. If you’re going to go to a restaurant or bar. Be vigilant, if you’re at a bar don’t drink anything other than bottled beer and make sure they open it in front of you.

    • Nietzsche Business says:

      @Coyote Rx remind me to never visit your state or country lol

  6. MarianaMV says:

    Of course it had to be Pickles who inadvertently ruins it 😂

  7. Arty Pyrec says:

    I felt this one with a passion, the “want some candy” guy needs to be sent on lunch the moment they pop up.

  8. Gabe Plays says:

    LOL This post is perfectly timed! LOL The Health Department visited my cafe yesterday and did the same thing! Everything was already date dotted but we still panicked and made sure everything was in good condition just in case XD The health department uses the temperature guns on everything in the store now like they’re the food police so it was fun LOL

    • *☆MOMOKIMI☆(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)* says:

      Eres la mejor BeautyGirls.OnLine

      Megan: “Hotter”
      Hopi: “Sweeter”
      Joonie: “Cooler”
      Yoongi: “Butter”

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos
      , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

      Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la
      lease que escriba bien mamon hay nomas
      pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste
      y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.

    • HeroesOfTheStorm Murky says:

      Wow XD LOL the health the department coming over is so hilarious LOL and they just visited my place too! LOL Very comedic timing. Much funny

    • Lord DumDum says:

      @hateyouwithapassion1 Dating everything for the rotation and make sure it’s still good

    • hateyouwithapassion1 says:

      what is date dotting????

    • seth says:

      @M L Quite literally

  9. John Smith says:

    100% accurate. We had this trashcan that only ever held frozen paper fry bags from the freezer from when we’d drop fries in the fryer. No way for the health inspector to know this though. I’ll never forget after we all were on our best behavior, the new guy pushed down the fry bags in the trashcan with gloves on…..

    • rVnsunshine says:

      @Fantastic because he used his clean food glove hands to push down the trash bin. To the health inspector this is like the worst thing you’ve ever seen. But in reality the only thing they used the can for was brand new clean food wrappers

    • Fantastic says:

      Wait, I’m confused. Why is that bad?

  10. Prince Delicious says:

    My favorite moments managing kitchens is when the delivery drivers leave meat and produce cases on the ground in the middle of the lunch rush and then the health inspector drops by.

    • Pamela Wynne says:

      This!!! 💯

      Also why do they insist on leaving everything directly in front of the door in the walk in. You can’t just walk in one more step and drop it to the side of the door so our FOH staff can still walk in to the cooler until BOH gets to putting the orders up?

      Every day 🤬

    • Emmy Julianne says:

      Quite literally happened to us last week. Truck was supposed to come before we even open, but they’re short drivers so it was during lunch. On top of that, they’re having distribution issues so half the stuff on the floor we can’t even use & have to send back bc they sent replacements last minute without approval

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