Why People Think the Moon Landing is Fake

Why People Think the Moon Landing is Fake

Uncovering the Truth About the Moon Landing.
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I wanted to know why so many people still believe the moon landing never happened, so I looked into it.

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Check out all my sources for this video here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yIqVR6CbFfH7jylYKiBDkE9lgIy5uMYehDeMq-9k1rU/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you to the experts we spoke with that helped with our research in this story:
– Sean Potter — meteorologist, science writer, weather historian, and former NASA Media Relations Specialist — seanpotter.com
– Dr. Jack Singal — astrophysicist and physics professor at the University of Richmond
– Dr. Roger Launius, former chief historian at NASA — https://launiusr.wordpress.com/
– Bill Barry, former chief historian at NASA

Apollo 11 Resources:
– Live feed of photos being taken: https://apolloinrealtime.org/17/?t=120:49:25
– History.com overview: https://www.history.com/news/moon-landing-fake-conspiracy-theories
– Apollo 11 Mission documents: https://history.nasa.gov/afj/ap11fj/a11-documents.html

— Video Chapters —
0:00 Intro
4:17 Lead Up
10:56 Skepticism
18:42 Hoax
22:16 Real Evidence
24:39 Credits and Outro

8:50 Mission Control was in Houston, TX, while the launch took place in Cape Kennedy, FL

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– press –
NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/09/opinion/democrats-blue-states-legislation.html
NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/100000007358968/covid-pandemic-us-response.html
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41 Responses

  1. Johnny Harris says:

    The music for this video, created by our in house composer Tom Fox, is available on our music channel, The Music Room! Follow the link to hear this soundtrack and many more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkA8K8SZtaI

  2. Be Smart says:

    Once you realize that the moon is a GIANT SUN REFLECTOR then you understand why there are no stars in moon photos. To put it more technically, the moon’s asphalt-colored lunar dust reflects 12% of sunlight that hits its surface. Imagine pointing your camera at something 12% as bright as the sun. You’re not gonna see any stars.

    • Priyam Dayora says:

      @Ben we have the technology now to take multiple different exposures at once and combine them in a single image that’s what every modern phone does so what you said can be done in this way.

    • YOUDave2000 says:

      Not odd at all, that astroid was/is so much more futher away than the moon is to the sun and is so small compared to the moon. It’s like comparing a baseball on a clear sunny day and a tenniscort that’s all white, which one do you think reflects more light at the same distance… Just saying @Ben

    • HRM says:

      ​@Benyou are slow.

  3. Ben Loehr says:

    As someone who has walked in 1/6th gravity, it’s hard . You have to retrain your whole way of thinking. You jump super high even if you’re trying to walk forward. It’s very easy to lose your balance and get off kilter. Oftentimes, you end up jumping in place because you can’t move forward. I went to space camp as a kid, so I feel what they felt when walking on the moon. It’s a relatable experience that I won’t forget.

    • Bob Weiram says:

      Did you guys learn to roll around in the moon dust so you can absorb more heat from the sun?

    • FrankyPi says:

      I assume the 1/6th gravity was simulated by a pulling mechanism? In that case you didn’t feel exactly how 1/6th gravity feels, because all of your body is still being pulled down by 1g, you’re only being mechanically lifted up by a force of 5/6th of your weight. To get an exact feel and simulation of what 1/6g is like, you would need to go to one of these parabolic flight aircraft also known as the Vomit comet where for a short periods of time they can simulate microgravity, or any low gravity like lunar or martian. That’s what Mythbusters did in one of their debunking episodes.

    • • Leah • says:

      This sounds so fun!!

    • Cumrade J says:

      How did you experience that? Was it in one of those planes that dive down at a certain angle to mimic different gravity?

    • Daniel Ku - 顧仲文 says:

      how did you get to walk in 1/6th gravity?

  4. OshawattIsANinja says:

    14:55 Aerospace Engineer here! In regards to the astronaut’s movements, another reason that they move so unintuitively is because the suits are pressurized, so moving limbs in the way what we would normally move them on Earth takes a lot more effort than people realize (think of yourself being stuck in a human shaped balloon that is made out of tough fabric instead of the thin rubber balloons are typically made of). Humans are also really good at adapting their movements to take less effort overall as well, so with the Moon being 1/6th of Earth’s gravity, the astronauts naturally took the approach of just hopping and drifting around instead of walking because it was just simply more efficient to move that way.

    • FrankyPi says:

      I wonder if the same would be the case in large pressurized modules or corridors that are big enough to walk in, like when bases start being established. There would be no motion limitations of a suit, walking normally would take less effort than on Earth, but would it still be the best or most efficient option is interesting to think about.

  5. Corey Broshious says:

    Johnny Harris and his team do incredible work. Keep up the great job. Your channel matters!

  6. William Thompson says:

    Imagine being a scientist or engineer on one of the biggest projects of your life. Only for people to call your achievements fake. 😢

  7. Matt Kitchen says:

    Johnny, I teach a Flight and Space class in Middle School and will be showing parts of this to help answer the conspiracy theory questions that inevitably come up. Thank you! This is so well crafted although I would love to see the full edit!

    • Night Narrator says:

      Explain the extremely delicate camera film they had at the time. How did it survive -500 to + 500 degrees and radiation that would strip the flesh from your bones? Refrigeration? Lead shielding? Enlighten us all please?

  8. Ethan Coble says:

    I applaud conspiracy theorists for being naturally skeptical and questioning everything in their life… The issue is they usually throw that same logic out the window when they find something that either confirms their baises or makes them feel “smarter” than everyone else… Shame.

    • Splarkszter says:

      That’s the answer, they just want to think they are smarter than everyone else.

    • Night Narrator says:

      I am willing to think either way but I highly doubt they went considering what was at stake at the time and the untrustworthiness of the US government.

    • Ethan Coble says:

      @Splarkszter 100%… It’s easier to convince a narcissist into believing a conspiracy theory than it is to convince a narcissist that they have been mislead… It’s these beliefs that they know something that ultimately gives them meaning in life and makes them feel of importance.

  9. Joe_breezyjr says:

    One small correction regarding shadows. The reason the shadows go different directions is because the moon isn’t completely flat. The shadows follow the contours, and that’s why the shadows go different directions…

    • Al J says:

      Thanks, I felt like Johnny didn’t explain that clearly enough. When I heard his explanation I thought, “Gonna have to do better than that, Johnny boy”.

    • Perseus Arkouda says:

      Maybe he skipped the “flat” references for obvious reasons 😂

    • LilBigHuge says:

      That’s another reason and probably the main reason but his reasons were valid too.

    • Ivan Badenhorst says:

      I might be wrong but I think the moon is way too big for that effect to materialize? You’re also assuming that the area is perfectly round without rocks etc?

    • Øbi says:

      So the earth is completley flat then and that’s why we have normal shadows? 😅

  10. Nate says:

    The photo that you credit to Japan’s SELENE was take during Apollo 15 (clue: there’s an astronaut in it).

    Japan’s SELENE was an orbiter that collected detailed data about the terrain on the moon, and it captured information about the Apollo 15 site detailed enough to build a 3D recreation of the site which matches the landscape of those Apollo 15 photos, so it did confirm that those photos were real in that sense, but the photo in your video was not taken by the orbiter.

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