Wiglett – NEW Pokemon Reveal for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Wiglett – NEW Pokemon Reveal for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Company had a Pokemon Evological Survey and revealed a new Pokemon Wiglett for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on September 28th, 2022.

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25 Responses

  1. Megs says:

    Not Austin giving us a biology lesson! As a bio teacher, I can confirm that yes you are using the terms correctly! They are not closely related species however evolved similar adaptive traits to fit a similar niche (environment, diet, predators, etc) maybe in the same location or often in similar conditions across in another part of the world. They have “converged” on similar traits.

    • Miles PerHour says:

      Carthinization is a great example of convergent evolution I think!
      Basically random completely unrelated animals turn into crabs as far as I know.

    • J. Martinez says:

      @Hannah Ward Those are not examples of convergent evolution as they are all most likely closely related.

    • Shin3y says:

      @BendyMelons Diglett is a mole, Wigglet is a razor clam, they probably don’t have all that common, or closely related ancestor.

    • Shin3y says:

      @Chikuwa because they evolved from different species entirely, but gained similar traits. Whereas the Galapagos turtle’s subspecies all evolved directly from it.

    • Hannah Ward says:

      @Shin3y True enough. I’m going to enjoy it anyway.

  2. ToadTWE says:

    I hope they add a grass type diglett as well and call it Twiglett

  3. VooDooSaurus says:

    As a Palaeontologist, specifically one who studies paleoecology, I absolutely love this!!! Convergent evolution makes SOOO much sense in the Pokémon world, and these new forms show perfect examples of how differently related animals evolve into similar traits/shapes as others. Spot on with the terminology as well!

  4. JorThaRob says:

    I like how GameFreak are making Pokemon more Animalistic with Variants & Convergent Evolution. Hopefully we get alot more like this!

  5. Nichole Tiglao says:

    I’m happy that some pokemon are now interacting with the environment and not just standing or roaming.

  6. Isana Ch. 勇魚チャネル says:

    Pokémon back at it again with another new and fun reveal format, Austin as well with the fast and quality uploads as usual, much appreciation, very enjoyable, hope y’all have a good one 👍

  7. Brian Kunz says:

    I think a mechanic where you fill out your own pokedex entries based on your personal observations would be so much fun!

  8. Dylan says:

    It’s not the Pokémon we asked for, but maybe it’s the Pokémon we deserve.

  9. Joshua says:

    Convergert Evolution: Bats and Birds. Bats are a mammal but evolved wings by skin flaps in order to fly. Birds are a bird, not a mammal, however they evolved to have wings that use feathers and a hollow bone structure so they can fly. Clearly different species but have very similiar adaptions. This was the example that helped me out alot in school.

  10. Bianca Cotton says:

    I think it’s awesome that the pokemon company are using real life ecology. Wigglet reminds me of a spotted eel.

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