Winnie The Pooh is Not Scary

Winnie The Pooh is Not Scary

I know Pooh Bear became the World Emporer last time, but he gets Halloween off so he can get some candy. There’s your plothole covered!

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34 Responses

  1. Dazcar says:

    it’s still incredibly refreshing to see a parody of a character that doesn’t make them a terrible person

    • We_Gottem_Bois says:

      it’s like terminalmontage’s depiction of sonic and tails as being actually friends

    • Mad Hatter says:

      Honestly, it’s not even a parody of Pooh, it’s more like a sincere rendering of him to parody all the people parodying him.

    • Cade Knowles says:

      ​@We_Gottem_Boisterminalmontage, despite how bonkers his videos are, is usually pretty accurate in his depictions of the characters’ personalities. Mario is the exception there but that’s only because he was possessed by a literal demon for most of the series

    • Alimations says:

      That’s what makes Doobus’ parodies so good

  2. Generic Name says:

    This man is better at portraying Winnie The Pooh than anyone else.

  3. Dante Torn says:

    I will forever respect how humanizing these animations are. In a sea of dehumanizing jokes and “wholesome” content that’s just blindly seeking positivity without substance, these animations stand out meaningfully.

  4. Appl3zWorld says:

    I love how Doobus never swears when Pooh is around, probably because he wants to save his innocence. 😊❤

  5. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    If only everyone had as much of an understanding of Pooh’s character as Goobus does, Blood and Honey wouldn’t have happened. The craziest part is that they set up a sequel, AND they might do a Bambi horror movie soon.

  6. Ramiro Losada Medina says:

    Doobus is the only YouTube animator to actually do Pooh justice.

    • Yat Fai Lam says:

      As the social perfect fighter(no relation to be heroic as the false social justice fools, just self claim and ashamed my past mistakes as the anti villain, not for cool, but to be remorse at my own reckless mistakes and stupidity), I tried to be brave to fight for other things to seek peace, same to Megatron seeks right to change Cybertron better, but through time, I see more mistakes, consequences and regrets, so I quit a half and be polite to reason things out at some limits. (The anti villain social perfect seeking topics are: leave Bionicle alone without toxic parody and demonitise stuffs talk, stop crossing Getter Robo and some dark anime culture, dislike Kamen Rider mash with imperfect ideas, disgust some negative and bad influences from South Park moments, those are the half and half reason which I almost get into trouble by poor control at my own frustration and feelings at extreme things, I regret my own action and I would use intelligence to convince or leave them out of trouble instead )

    • DabbingStickman Deltaclaw says:

      Yeah he’d also be banned from china

    • Yat Fai Lam says:

      @DabbingStickman Deltaclaw if Goobus loves him so much, some Pooh fans should convince China to forgive Winnie and silence that origin of the prank to dumb down their leader by comparison, I like Winnie the Pooh and respect Asian leaders, but hate that unknown artist who use comparisons to trash both into now, causing the misconducts.

  7. Disney-Villains Fan says:

    Doobus understands Pooh Bear better than
    Blood and Honey ever will.

  8. DestinyNinja123 says:

    This is a true adaptation to Winnie the Pooh. Not all those hypothetical, alternate or what if scenarios. Just wholesome Pooh who gives nothing but love and joy.

  9. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    these never fail to be the most wholesome versions of Pooh as they get his personality spot on, he would just ask you to say its not him because making you stop would make you sad and that’s the last thing Pooh would want.

  10. johnnymccraze says:

    Winnie the Pooh is the antithesis of everything horrible and unspeakable in the world. He’s literally just pure goodness.

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