YONEX All England Open 2022 | Fikri/Maulana (INA) vs Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [2] | Finals

YONEX All England Open 2022 | Fikri/Maulana (INA) vs Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [2] | Finals

YONEX All England Open 2022 | Super 1000
Men’s Doubles | Finals
Fikri/Maulana (INA) vs Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [2]

#BWFWorldTour #AllEngland2022

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12 Responses

  1. SA says:

    BakRi, first debut in All England ➡️ winner 🏆
    reaching final beating number 8 seed, world championship 2021, WD1, and the daddies. They are so astonishing!The daddies must be proud to see their junior win 🥺 Speedy recovery to Babah!!!! 💖

  2. Yohan Tanoko Tan says:

    what a flourishing training group they have in the national camp. 3 pairs who have won All England to train with. so lucky.

  3. Roshan says:

    The way ahsan hugs fikri it really is emotional man🥺 that’s why sports is so beautiful and amazing❤️

    • Nurrif'ati Fitriyah says:

      Yup it’s really is.. Also fikri always try to didn’t give the ball to Ahsan since interval, that was supportive game.. They’re have a good attitude

  4. Hey Dhanzee says:

    It’s beyond amazing how coach Herry keeps making great Indonesian MD pairs for decades.

  5. dedek apriono says:

    Congratulations BAKRI!! You guys deserved this All England Title. Stay humble and keep chasing another title… Love you guys

  6. 52 T says:

    Glad to see the next generation is up to the challenge. Beating both the minions and the daddies.
    Great job boys. Well deserved 👍👍👍

  7. Fuelsbadman says:

    That hug between the 2 pairs is the transition between 2 generations

  8. Jan Piter Simarmata says:

    A well deserved champion, congrats Bagas/Fikri🔥

  9. Sam says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Please welcome the new world champions pair for the men’s double. Fikri and Maulana, these two young players are amazing and extraordinary.

  10. Sugiharto says:

    The next MD generation 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🇲🇨❤️

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