Zeri: The Spark of Zaun | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

Zeri: The Spark of Zaun | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

Lightning always strikes twice. Or three to seven times.

Made in collaboration with Illusorium Studios

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39 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Valorant: *Releases Neon*

    League: *Releases Zeri*

    Coincidence? I think not

  2. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    I’m calling this now: she’ll have a 3 hit aa with on-hit.

  3. Jin Takame says:

    Riot : “We wanna make a different adc with different mechanics”

    Riot : “here u go Jinx Deluxe edition + Talon’s E”

    • yave _ says:

      q- ezreal+jinx

    • Sneaky Sunset says:

      @yave _ you could do exactly that with 99% of the champs in the game. And when they do get totally unic abilities that were never seen before ppl whine.

    • Dark Goblin says:

      @yave _ wrong. Her dash is lierally her wall jump. You charge it up. Meaning you wont have a dash after jumping the wall.

    • Wildgazer says:

      @Sneaky Sunset Riot kills unique champions, none of our faults

    • Bob, but slowly fading says:

      @Sneaky Sunset people whine all the time, about everything. And with over 150 champs, there´s no way any new release has a completely new and incomparable kit but people are stupid and I honestly hate this community.

  4. _rAmen says:

    Нам нужны крутые персонажи, такие как Варвик. Мы все ждём.

  5. Zac Schaefer says:

    I was hopeful, then I heard her speak and it was similar voicelines to other recently released champs. There’s no feel or “spark” of originality in that. She seems like she fits the adc mold pretty well too, with mobility to “feel” modern. Super unexcited.

  6. Helios09 says:

    Zeri: upset het fingers dont shoot out lightning

    Zeri’s gun in her other hand: Am I a joke to you?

  7. Andrew Park says:

    Ah, the talon jumping, twitch ulting, vayne condemning and tumbling, huge blitz crank ulting, self shielding and move speed increasing, poke ability having adc. This will surely go down as perfectly balanced and not overloaded, like all of riots new champions.

  8. Commander DikDik says:

    I also love knowing a character’s entire kit based on their champion trailer

  9. NiZY says:

    Her gameplay just looks like Jinx but with an added dash and shield, because obviously we need more mobility in this game

    • thiago deandrade says:

      I can’t tell if you being sarcastic 🤔

    • NiZY says:

      @thiago deandrade being sarcastic

    • Bob, but slowly fading says:

      To be fair, you want an immobile Adc that either again gets oneshot by any assassin with at least 1 item or do you want an immobile Adc that gets shields, hard CC, crazy damage steroids and insane range? Because those are the other two options: Be as useless as anyone else in the meta and get carried by the windshitters once again, or have an unkillable Adc that is strong throughout all game phases and is just broken in stats and mechanics ( *cough* AKSHAN *cough* ). Her dash that jumped over walls seems to not be a big deal since it needs to charge up, so it´s only good for engages, not escapes. Her shield can´t be that huge and her CC, if actually any, is probably situational like Brand or Vayne.
      If anything, she seems like an Adc that can at least survive to scale into lategame and not be stomped by an assassin just roaming bot if it´s an even lane and she didn´t misplay.
      I really have no idea why people already cry, just because she has mobility? Do people want another “immobile” Adc like Jhin who runs at 500 km/h? Because anything else is irrelevant for nowadays´ League unless it´s buffed to absurdity, meaning it´s another stat check a la Draven.

    • jreecefwb says:

      Trash the game. Start over. Make it purchase to play. Make everyone have the same base model in game, and you purchase your character enhancements in game with gold alone. You know. Kinda like legitimate sports. Everyone pretty much starts with what they brought under their clothes that day.

  10. Alphazone says:

    God, I don’t know how to put this into words exactly, but she (Visually, the character itself and not the abilities) just looks like more of the same.

    Give us something more visually unique. Not everything has to be a human lol, I see at least 300 of those a day as is

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