62!!! AARON JUDGE BREAKS American League single-season HOME RUN RECORD! HISTORY!

62!!! AARON JUDGE BREAKS American League single-season HOME RUN RECORD! HISTORY!

Aaron Judge makes history with his 62nd home run of the season, passing Roger Maris for most EVER by an American League hitter.

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32 Responses

  1. BRYANT says:

    Between Aaron Judge hitting 62 HRs and Albert Pujols hitting 700+ HRs, this is season is definitely one for the books. I can’t wait until the postseason 😆🔥

  2. Lockheed Martin says:

    We see you, Aaron Judge. Congratulations on hitting a record-setting homerun!

  3. James Nichols says:

    Between Judge’s 62, Pujols’s 703, and Ohtani I think it’s safe to say this was an all-time historic year for MLB 💯🍿🙌🏼

    • Aaron Figueroa says:

      Even throw in the dodgers winning 110+

    • speedball bust a nut inc. says:

      @Eamon Kelley if you think these games arnt scripted than I’ve got a bridge to sell you

    • Eamon Kelley says:

      This year imo is right up there with 1998 as all time best season for baseball. Coming off the strike it looked gloomy but MLB this season has had two great home run chases from Judge and Pujols, the Dodgers having a top 5 regular season of all time, Miggy getting 3000 hits, Verlander having an all time comeback year, Mets and Braves with 100 wins division race, Phillies and Mariners breaking their playoff droughts, Padres making one of this biggest mid season trades in professional sports history, farewell tour for Yadi, Pujols and Wainwright, and Ohtani absolutely dominating as a hitter and pitcher. Can’t wait for the post season.

    • James Matthew says:

      And also at the same game despite the loss, Gerrit Cole surpassed Ron Guidry in the team’s strikeout record in a single season, with 257.

    • James Matthew says:

      @Jovauhn Garcia
      The Phillies also ended their playoff drought too by clinching the wild card.

  4. Jackie Chapman says:

    The smile he has immediately makes you smile and can’t help being genuinely happy for Judge and teammates..🤓 Love it.. Congrats to all baseball fan’s everywhere..😲💯👍💕🔥⚾🤙

  5. Bille says:

    One of the most incredible seasons in the history of baseball. Absolute dominance across all facets of play. Appreciate greatness when it’s in front of you. It’s why we love sports, and collectively ride along the journey.

  6. Todd Richardson says:

    I’m not a Yankees Fan at all but it’s hard not to like Aaron Judge. A total class act. Good for the game. Congratulations!

    • ken g says:

      @YoungManDub PEDS stand for “PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS” and they tend to be illegal in MLB., steroids or not So what PEDS are you accusing Judge of taking? Gator aide?

    • John Doe says:


      You’re wrong.
      Nice trolling though.

    • Red Shield says:

      I’m a Reds fan but it couldn’t happed to a nicer guy. I’m so happy for Aaron and his family

    • YoungManDub says:

      @ken g we’re both in the comment section on YouTube. Neither of us are cool OR smart. I envy you for thinking that not every pro athlete across the board has taken or is currently taking PED’s. And you seem to be confusing that with straight up steroids, there’s a difference

  7. Rob Ray says:

    Lifelong Rangers fan, but this dude deserves everything. He’s earned it.

  8. Zack Hample says:

    I was there and bummed not to catch it but really glad to have witnessed it. Congrats to Aaron Judge!

    • Chief says:

      @El Rubio oh stop, zack is a great guy and would atleast gave it back…in fact there is noone I’d rather see catch it than him…atleast he’s not jumping over the rail like that one guy to retrieve it, he won’t be getting it either…all he’ll get is a boot from the stadium

    • El Rubio says:

      Oh Jesus thank God

  9. aaronD3 says:

    Congratulations Judge! Respect from a Red Sox fan. Glad to see a home run record, the chase for the record, tying and breaking it, will not be tainted with an asterisk! It means a lot.

  10. VibesByLuxury says:

    I witnessed #60 live in person and now he got #62 tonight and made history! Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

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