A Deep Dive into Potterheads

A Deep Dive into Potterheads

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This week, we take a deep dive into the world of Harry Potter fans, also known as “Potterheads”. Enjoy!

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44 Responses

  1. Kurtis Conner says:

    Don’t leave without taking advantage of air up’s amazing holiday deals! Gift it to someone you love and also treat yourself at the lowest price ever: https://airup.link/3SB75cd

  2. sudden leo says:

    Kurtis didn’t use the Barbie “balls” audio once when talking about the Golden Snitch. This is character growth

  3. Grace Campiti says:

    Kurtis mispronouncing Massachusetts is such a Canadian thing to do.

  4. Ray says:

    I always saw it that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were opposites because they were like practical/logical vs emotional/empathetic

    • im an eclair says:

      that makes sense! and honestly hufflepuff vs. slytherin and ravenclaw vs. gryffindor r more opposites anyway imo

    • velvet vulpix says:

      That’s a good point but wasn’t ravenclaw also supposed to be creative ? That’s what I always associated with it

    • velvet vulpix says:

      @im an eclairthat’s also a good point

    • Hoppy says:

      ​@velvetvulpix raven claw is wisdom they are smart and studious but the hat doesn’t actually put you in the house you fit in best it puts you in the house you want to be in truly in your heart example Hermione is a clear ravenclaw in action and personality but she aspired to be brave and looked up to bravery so the hat put her in Griff

    • Kaitlyn Morgan says:

      but the thing is, being logical and emotional arent exclusive from each other. u can say think “logically i should ignore this person for x reasons, but my heart doesnt want to do that because of y, so itll be difficult to do for me” yk?

  5. Mikaela 💐 says:

    My boss had a baby and named it something that isn’t directly Harry Potter related, so no one thought anything of it. Then she named her 2nd kid something that is still not really Harry Potter related, but someone connected the dots and realized they’re both Harry Potter character names and holy shit all of our coworkers cringed at it lmao

  6. DonyWahlberg says:

    I love the idea that asking the teacher validates their view point on lying to the child, as if we don’t live in a climate where that teacher disagreeing makes national news and these anti-public school morons harass her until she quits for trying to “take the role of the parent”.

  7. Wren says:

    i somehow don’t think fanfics are on the same level as thinking harry potter is real?? Lmao
    also Kurtis talking about all the young dudes is some insane coincidence as i just started reading it today

  8. Morgan says:

    I can’t imagine even the biggest fan of Harry Potter naming their kid after Newt Scamander’s assistant, Bunty. You might as well name them Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way because these characters are equally relevant to the canon

  9. Evan Carvalho says:

    I don’t think writing fanfiction should be on the same level as actual *delusion*

  10. Wurderer says:

    Kurtis giving Strange Aeons a shout out was not something I expected in a million years

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