Accidentally making the BEST ramen??

Accidentally making the BEST ramen??

Get ready for the ~SQUISH~

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🎵water slide, Hammock, and pool water from Stevia Sphere ► 🎵
Intro and additional music by Harry Foster

Game Grumps are:
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Danny ►

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43 Responses

  1. The Grumps says:

    There are 15 MINUTES of bits that didn’t make the cut, check them out over on !!!

  2. Terence Wiggins says:

    I love the food episodes because Arin loses his mind almost immediately

  3. Scrofar says:

    Nothing beats bonding with your boss like dipping all your hands into the same bucket of hot ramen

  4. Minty Fresh Voices says:

    Arin at the beginning of the episode: Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
    Arin at the end of the episode: Aged 30 years

  5. eric johnson says:

    Dan scalding Arin’s hand and then Arin flicking the boiling water into Dan’s eye’s felt like a Three Stooges bit.

  6. Rianna Reinhard says:

    Their relationship is perfectly captured by Dan saying “let’s kiss!” and Arin immediately farting

  7. Zealous_Delusional says:

    Arin is in such a mood, like a four year old that came home from a shitty day at preschool

  8. Michelle says:

    *Arin’s Doctor* : Well your cholesterol levels are a little high. How has your diet been?

    *Arin queuing up every 10MPH episode where they rank foods* : I brought visual aids.

    • Daniel Bohnen says:

      You should eat more ramen that’ll be $4,000

    • September Renevers says:

      EVERY TIME I read “10MPH” i read it as “10 mile per hour” and it confuses EVERY SINGLE TIME 🤣🤣 I’m actively watching it and I still went “10 miles per hour??” KSJDKFJSFS WHYYY

  9. Shoocharu says:

    I love how the more the bucket filled up, the quieter the room got. Like they were all just like “we fucked up, what the hell are we gonna do about this”

  10. SeannyOg says:

    Dan, at the start: “thanks for getting your lips all over the noodles”
    Dan, near the end: *huddled over the noodle container with Arin like POWs eating from a slop trough for the 4,000th time*

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