Cole MacGrath vs Alex Mercer (Infamous VS Prototype) | DEATH BATTLE!

Cole MacGrath vs Alex Mercer (Infamous VS Prototype) | DEATH BATTLE!

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28 Responses

  1. TheGameMerchant says:

    It’s a freaking crime that both of these franchises aren’t supported anymore. They are some of the most fun and unique sandbox games ever and they were just left to die for no reason

  2. Voltage says:

    The delivery of that badass line, straight-up roasting his edgy foe while rejecting his offer, followed up by the siphon of electricity, the camera moving down from the tower, the brief violin note followed by the vocals, then the two preparing for an up close fight. This moment, this fight, is so epic.

  3. Melissa Barnes says:

    One thing I really appreciate about most fights is how close it seems – Each character gets to show off and shine, making you realize what each person’s advantages are as the fight goes on, and making you wonder how the other is going to get out of it, or at least try to, and even when it does simply come down to who can hit the hardest, run the fastest, take the most tons of TNT to the face or whatever, it still feels like a fairly even fight where they really have to push the limits of what they can do

  4. M.V.J says:

    0:04 Start

    0:39 Cole McGrath

    6:42 Alex Mercer

    12:58 Death Battle

  5. Kin says:

    As a huge fan of both games, you guys did not disappoint. Regardless of who won, I’m just happy this Death Battle even happened. And this fight was AWESOME, by the way.

  6. Ramon Villalobos says:

    I was disappointed when they weren’t going to use Evil Cole but when they said determined Alex wouldn’t even be able to compete with Evil Cole I was like “alright that’s cool but I still wanna see it” 🤣

    • Parry says:

      here’s what’s gonma happen with evil cole:

      alex shows up
      cole blows up the city
      alex is a puddle
      cole blows up again
      alex is a memory

    • Wayne Train says:

      Same!!!! Still wanna see it! I was hoping they’d announce it at the end of this battle

    • the insurance says:

      Alex tries to consume a person. Cole grabs person with lightning Hook. Then Bio leech the person.

      Alex: Yeah that was my snack.

      Cole: You snooze you lose.

      Alex: You going get it now buddy.

      Alex rushed towards Cole. Cole snaps his fingers. Alex is vaporized.

      Cole: I’m still hungry

    • Mar Allen Rondez says:

      To be fair tho, one of the notes on the upper right did say they were going for Good Cole, but with considerations on abilities connected to Evil Cole.

      Personally tho, I do like the good vs evil angle for the episode since it actually played out like a final battle between hero and villain.

    • AranaraFan says:

      @the insurance lmao

  7. FranklinTurtz says:

    I really miss this era of gaming. The era of full, complete, badass and fun games with no microtransactions 😢

    • Nerd Of Games says:

      So do I!

    • KorgCrimson says:

      When gamers werent satisfied with just waiting for the update 🙄

    • Gary Brown says:

      Well, unfortunately, consumers need to learn to stop shoveling money into it. Otherwise, companies like EA will keep on doing it.

      They are literally getting rewarded for doing something that we hate.

    • BombCastor Plays says:

      I’m confused by your comment? These are both single player games, do of course they have no micro transactions. There is still single player games like that today such as god of war or Spider-Man you can play start to finish no micro transactions needed. I think you’ve just been playing the wrong games bruh

    • oldcowbb says:

      @BombCastor Playsit’s just another generic “good ol day” comment

  8. Shunya Toshiki says:

    This was truly the golden age of gaming. Also, great Death Battle.

  9. Zinoxe says:

    Alex and Cole are literally the definition of “Either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”

  10. Alex Woods says:

    It should also be noted the “good” Cole, grew his powers to restore and conserve his energy so it’s not even guaranteed that Alex could outlast him entirely either. That’s not even considering his ability to absorb electricity from nearly everything.

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