AJ Styles reforms The OC as Gallows and Anderson return to WWE on Monday Night Raw! | WWE on FOX

AJ Styles reforms The OC as Gallows and Anderson return to WWE on Monday Night Raw! | WWE on FOX

AJ Styles took the season premiere of Monday Night Raw to another level by bringing out Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to hold back the Judgment Day.

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AJ Styles reforms The OC as Gallows and Anderson return to WWE on Monday Night Raw! | WWE on FOX


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53 Responses

  1. WWE ON FOX says:

    How bad do you think that chair hurt?? 😮‍💨

  2. Sam Calderas says:

    A whole lotta returns! A night filled with surprises.

  3. Quincy Rhodes says:

    This makes the tag team competition even better as well.

  4. Sean Starks says:

    Gallows Fighting His Tears Gave Me Goosebumps

  5. Actionmoviefan prime says:

    Wow the good brothers are back in wwe and Finn’s worst nightmare has begun again

    • OGGalaxyXx//Ryuma says:

      Just wanted to say balor is absolutely nailing this heel role to perfection, i remember when people said judgement day went to trash after what they did with edge. Completely disagree that group is now younger and hungrier to deliver these bomb matches we’re gonna see in the future. That i quit match was just the start🤌🏾

    • Said Espinosa says:

      @NBNT JAYSO God no

    • NBNT JAYSO says:

      @Big Tatsu I hope wwe eventually get njpw forbidden door action would be fye 🔥

    • Big Tatsu says:

      @NBNT JAYSO They are real bullet club though….bullet club isn’t bullet club without the machine gun and the big LG. So technically they’re bullet club in WWE with a different name (Original Club wink wink). And The good brothers never left the og bullet club so it’s technically expanded in WWE now with AJ Styles at the helm of it for that group.

    • NBNT JAYSO says:

      @Mike Sholun better than them doing this fake bullet club thing with styles then they’ll go stale In a couple of months Karl was killing it as open weight champ in njpw , honestly good bros could’ve won the AEW tag titles and impact again maybe even face ftr for the belts they have plus it’s kind of like lame cause they went from the real bullet club back to the OC it’s like having real Frosted Flakes then going to the Walmart brand flakes

  6. MrJamiejam88 says:

    Anderson looking like he’s been hitting the gym more 💪

  7. Marcus Lowe says:

    This is starting to feel like fan service. I love it

  8. osvaldo luna says:

    For those that stopped watching after Vince fired talent in the past few years. Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MR DeDeDe says:

    Now release their theme song already! We need it right away because it is a badass track!

  10. juggalo450 says:

    Finn ran out the ring faster then I’ve ever seen before

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