All The Angles of Naoya Inoue Highlight Reel KO of Fulton | Now Unified Champion | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

All The Angles of Naoya Inoue Highlight Reel KO of Fulton | Now Unified Champion | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Watch the #highlights from the main event of #fultoninoue featuring #naoyainoue and #stephenfulton In the fight, it was all Inoue scoring a highlight reel ko victory to become unified champion.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Pound-for-pound dynamo Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada will defend her WBC and WBA minimumweight world titles against Argentina’s former world champion Leonela Yudica on Friday, July 28 at Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

In the 10-round junior lightweight co-feature, unbeaten Las Vegas native Andres “Savage” Cortes will take on Sacramento-born contender Xavier Martinez.

The entire Estrada-Yudica card will stream live and exclusively in the U.S. on ESPN+.

Promoted by Top Rank, tickets starting at $50 go on sale Thursday, June 15 at 12 p.m. PT and can be purchased at

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39 Responses

  1. Juan Naranjo says:

    A lot of people underestimated Inoue’s technique. He’s P4P because he’s an all around, complete fighter. Not just KO power.

  2. hello man says:

    Thank you Fulton for taking this fight at your prime. No shame in losing to someone who’s going for GOAT. May you be world champions for years to come.

    • sergio merigo says:

      Going for goat just with one fight against a champion in his prime? 😅

    • churry murray says:

      ⁠@sergio merigowell if inoue made Fulton look like an amateur then this could be the start of road to GOAT status

    • DavidBoxing says:

      @sergio merigohe a 4 weight world champion undisputed and is now going for double undisputed he’s definitely going for GOAT

    • Fatalistic says:

      Inoue is on the road to being an All-Time Great. But Manny Pacquiao is the GOAT at this very moment and it will take something very special for anyone to overtake him.

    • Shugz says:

      @FatalisticFloyd’s the goat but yh Inoue is gonna take that spot soon

  3. MarvNTreyHD Blog says:

    Levels. He is not just a MONSTER PUNCHER, he is also a fantastic boxer with great defence, head movement, boxing IQ, speed and everything a boxer needs to be successful. I struggled to even give Fulton 1 round. Maybe round 7 but Inoue outlanded him in every round. simply incredible. and also Credit to Fulton for Daring to be great and coming to japan. Respect

    • Purple sky 415 says:

      Exactly! There were so many people out there saying Fulton was a better boxer and more skilled 🤣🤣🤣 I was like no he’s not not even close! And the proof was in the puddin m, he got schooled

    • Ken Coch says:

      I have to say I’m a believer, I thought Inuoue was little hyped up, however I must say I was proven wrong. He displayed exceptional boxing skills and power!! He also has great reaction skills.

    • Ali Abdelaziz says:

      This is what we need in boxing another offensive mastermind not this whole jab and defend trying to win a decision

    • MarvNTreyHD Blog says:

      @kencoch7944  that’s very true. A lot of people did think he was all hype but honestly this man is the real deal. Won’t surprise me if he moves up all the way to 130 if not 135 which will be a huge ask but you can’t put it past him. He is that good

  4. Ascasc1 says:

    Naoya Inoue truly P4P #1 right now! Dismantled an otherwise great boxer completely! No one would’ve expected Naoya to pretty much win every round until the KO!

  5. Rin Okumura says:

    Inoue is one of the best boxers I’ve ever watched. People were saying Fulton is more technical in the buildup and Inoue just outclassed him everywhere in speed, power, technique & accuracy. It’s not easy to move up and beat another world champion who’s never lost and he made it look easy. He’s definitely the best boxers pound for pound, if not one of the best current boxers

    • Dave Smith says:

      The ‘people’ saying that were a bunch of unhinged Americans who either don’t understand boxing or refuse to accept that someone from the other side of the world can run rings around their guy. I’m glad they were humbled tonight.

    • Walker Freight Tv says:

      @Dave Smithonce in a lifetime for you 😂

    • Purple sky 415 says:

      @Dave Smithdon’t forget racists that won’t go for another fighter that’s not their skin color

  6. melon says:

    Inoue has it all to dominate every fight that he takes, the technique, confidence, speed, power, iq, and accuracy are always on display whenever he step into the ring

  7. Fear Resides Within Us says:

    Great performance by Naoya. Never did I think that he wouldve outboxed Fulton, on the way to a stoppage. Also, props to Fulton for taking the risk, going to Japan, and putting his belts on the line. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Patrick Fitzpatrick says:

      …apart from the wrap and PED accusations!!

    • raytha1 says:

      He doesn’t, but the people who were calling Inoue a hype job for knocking out “cab drivers” have everything to be ashamed of.

    • Miya Bawey says:

      @Patrick Fitzpatrickthat’s his coach

    • ultra instinct says:

      Told ya when u get out of ur bubble called pbc and youtube subcribers in popularity channels.

      Then all pbc fighters protected and overhyped for the most part.

      If it was fair

      Virgil beats bud and spence like inaoe did to fulton wouldnt even be close

      Same with charlo 154 would lose to tim tyzu its just obvious tim destroys charlo.

      And big charlo definitely gets destroyed by any elite guys at 160

      And in fair fights loma teofimo ryan etc… beat haney

      And regis loses to arnold barboza jr and teofimo.


      Its just facts.

      So the real pound for pound guy is

      Inaoe then

    • Fear Resides Within Us says:

      @raytha1 They were crazy for saying that. Inoue was and still is putting champs to sleep lmao. People always want to discredit boxers that they don’t know of (aren’t popular to the casuals).

  8. iMornie says:

    What a clean knockout! First time seeing an inoue fight and hot damn was not disappointed. 8 rounds of pure genius. He switches his pace easily too. What a versatile boxer!

    • Donnie Faust says:

      You know how many people were calling him a hype job up here? I tried to tell them and have receipts to prove it that Inoue would overwhelm him. When a fighter has 21 fights and only 8 KOs they most likely don’t have the power to keep a fighter like Inoue away from them. Plus most people don’t realize how slick Inoue actually is. He’s more than power but once Fulton felt the power he became very timid and wouldn’t let his hands go. Inoue whooped him start to finish!

    • Fear Pacex says:

      How was it clean lmao. Dude was already on the floor and Inoue went for an illegal hook.

    • J B says:

      @Fear Pacexillegal? you casual, protect yourself at all times, never turn your back on your opponent, 🫵🤡 an the NEWWWWW

    • iMornie says:

      @Fear Pacex Clearly you did not watch the replay. Fulton almost went down but was able to stand back up which instinctively Inoue follows up with a finish. Nothing illegal there. Just pure killer instinct.

    • Mario Gomez says:

      ​@Fear PacexLol. 😅😅

  9. Land or slam says:

    Props to Fulton from getting up from that first knockdown and still went out swinging , phenomenal performance by Inoue tho 👏🏼

    • Jon948 says:

      It looked like his glove touched the canvas. The ref was trying to get in there to give him an 8 count, but he took a left hook. He would’ve got stopped anyway regardless. He was very overwhelmed.

    • Juan says:

      ​@Jon948yea that KO was coming that round either way

  10. ᄐᄐ says:

    Never doubted Inoue, that first knockdown was just beautiful, pure textbook 1-2. Inoue was unbeatable that night, the look on his face alone said enough.


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