Backrooms – Report

Backrooms – Report


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  1. GibbsonTV says:

    Truly amazing, the story you’ve created and the world you’ve built is so in depth. Now that you’ve started including live action and real actors, just shows the lengths you’ll go to tell your story. Great work man! 😁

    • BinaryReader says:

      @C Studios There is if people start ascribing the idea to one person, as the original commenter seems to think.

    • Mεδaρaτλmιλn says:

      @Sense Your dad? After leaving to get the milk

    • Orange Julep says:

      yoo its baby gibson from
      diary of a wimpy kid 13th book

    • C Studios says:

      @BinaryReader Saying that this series isn’t his story because other people created the backrooms is like saying that a story about Spider-man written by Bob isn’t Bob’s story because Stan invented Spider-man. There is nothing wrong with using other people’s concepts to create one’s own story.

  2. Galileel says:

    When Kane has kids one day, they will make great cgi movies when they’re only 6 years old.
    Jokes aside, I wanna thank you for entertaining me & adding life to the whole liminal spaces/ backrooms franchise which I love.
    First Kris Straub’s local58 madness and now you. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Robert Rieker says:

    It’s so impressive how this has transformed in only 4 months from a home grown addition to a pop culture sci-fi theme into a seriously professional mini series with a very well written story and thoughtful visuals. Kane you have incredible talent and continue to impress and surprise with each new video you release, we’re all so eager to see where you take this series, or what amazing future work you produce. I have a feeling this will get you recognized for your talent and lead you to more production opportunities.

  4. Ben Atchison says:

    The amount of time, money and effort put into this is absolutely astounding. Now you’re mixing in live sets and actors and it just looks phenomenal. Truly takes some vision to produce the content you do. I will not be surprised when I see you in the credits of a blockbuster someday dude

    • The Name's Ethan says:

      @plushiez_show No way those aren’t actors holy crap

    • plushiez_show says:

      those arent actors. its cgi. hes 16, before he got popular he made the same videos with the same realistic style of people, the video im talking about it somewhere on his instagram, its not backrooms related

  5. Haxxer82 says:

    Explanation for those who are confused:

    After discovering the wire monster, ASync sets up precautions such as blocking off a part of the Backrooms and setting up a blast shield in the observation room in fear of what could happen if any hostile entity were to attack.

    • Jan Kowalski says:

      It occured to me, that a megacorp acting reasonably instead of stupidly trying to milk the Backrooms anomaly is even more alien than the Backrooms dimension itself.

    • TrueFacts says:

      @The headcrab it’s called “bacteria”

    • Dimetri Sammy says:

      @Alex K I think your in the wrong youtube channel dud

      Edit: your mixing up some other person’s backroom version of there backroom video

    • urmom69 says:

      Just wanted to let you know that it isn’t a wire monster and is this weird bacteria monster

    • The headcrab says:

      wire monster is called howler

  6. PuzzLEGO says:

    I keep forgetting that this guy is only 16 years old with just how good the animation and the real-life shots are

  7. Colton Loeffler says:

    The sheer terror of “that is not a fucking person” is insane. And the beauty of these animations are insane, especially from someone as young as Kane, developing your own universe in a way.

  8. Blob28895 says:

    Kane really could make a backrooms movie at this rate. He already has 52 minutes of backrooms footage uploaded not counting unlisted videos and even though they wouldn’t exactly be coherent as a movie as they are now they are connected so with just some more footage and some connecting scenes/dialogue this could be marketed as a horror movie and it would be so good as one. To me this series feels like horror in the way that subnautica does. Both Kane’s backrooms videos and subnautica both bring actual fear to the table with minimal jumpscares. Most of the time the “jumpscares” are more like the suspense paying off. I think that a backrooms movie made by Kane could actually become really popular with how the backrooms is trending along with the quality of the video and horror that he brings

  9. gray whistler121 says:

    I really appreciate how you’ve incorporated science into the backrooms without ever sacrificing it’s mystery. The dead ends that this government research team keeps running into just further solidifies how unknowable that place is.

    You can see I’m their faces here that the project is starting to get to them. They’re tired, frustrated, and most of all unnerved.

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