Being a REGULAR zombie in Dying Light 2.

Being a REGULAR zombie in Dying Light 2.

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Melodic – Tidiane
19 – Oddwin

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41 Responses

  1. z says:

    I won’t lie, that would make zombies even worse than they were before; imagine hundreds of zombies being killed while people inside are still conscious and just want the pain to stop.

  2. Chewkz says:

    “Who’s the real monster here?”😂

  3. Leg-ace-y says:

    “Dude was just holding himself off of a roof for like four hours. In the rain though. It was terrifying”

    🤣🤣🤣 need more pov videos from npcs lmao.

  4. King Probherbs says:

    I was today years old when I found out lightbulb changers were a thing

  5. Seek says:

    “What are you doing? DO YOU WANT TO DIE?”
    Literally what every game minions would be saying to themselves when going up against the main character

  6. Jiado says:

    The zombies all being conscious add a completely new level of horror to any zombie apocalypse. Someone needs to incorporate this into their story!

  7. Martyn says:

    I don’t this was intentional, but some zombies in Dying Light can actually make noises similar to speech. The runners are actually recently turned zombies, and sometimes in the first game you can hear them begging for mercy if you beat them to death.
    They really are just people who don’t have control of their bodies. They just haven’t fully died to the infection yet…

    • intrusted says:

      @Norinia aiden has control over the virus because he has inhibitors and uv boosters. The reason he hasnt turned fully yet is cuz he has natural immunity from waltz experimentation.

    • intrusted says:

      The virals in dl2 sadly arent the same i think

    • Arthur Laubach says:

      I don’t think they do this in DL2, they just try to defend themselves as you beat them with weapons, but I do remember Virals doing this in the first game

    • buckcherryyy says:

      when you beat a zombie to the ground they sometimes hold up their hands to guard their faces almost like a normal person would do

    • 26 Mic says:

      Man I be makin funny videos just like Caleb . I bet 100% it’ll make u laugh. If not u can come to tell me

  8. Ashwin Selvakumar says:

    Only Caleb can make a skit on the morality of society in a zombie apocalypse. This man’s creativity is over 10 billion

  9. Cole-Z says:

    I freaking love this. Would be funny to see how the “Normal” Zombie reacts to special infected

  10. Howieazy says:

    I’m confused how you balanced on the fence like that haha

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