Brewstew – Dial-Up

Brewstew – Dial-Up

Back in the wild west days of the internet

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32 Responses

  1. ShortHax says:

    Dial-up is still faster than my internet connection at times

  2. Cougar macdowall Va says:

    I both want to unsee and never under Micheal twerking lmao

  3. rip says:

    My life feels like its been so boring after I see YouTubers with hundreds of life stories 😔

  4. Jordan Williams says:

    I think this was the smartest you’ve made Michael in a while

  5. Ubrzani says:

    Michael never ceases to amaze us! 🤣 Actually, the whole crew. Keep it up Brew! 😂 👍

  6. DP skaters says:

    I get so excited everytime Brewstew comes around with a new memory to share.

  7. Impostor says:

    It’s crazy how the internet has evolved in such a short time. The time where we didn’t have smart phones doesn’t feel that long ago, now everyone has a portable computer on them at all times

  8. Edward Jones says:

    *These auto-generated subtitles are the most accurate I’ve ever seen.*

  9. thegreatcalvinio says:

    Napster, Space Cadet, PlayStation, The Nookie, Limp Bizkit, WWF, MSN, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Bill Clinton, Scottie Pippen, Dial Up, and AOL.

    Tyler is pretty much a goddamn walking 1990’s encyclopedia at this point.

  10. Beef Boss says:

    “We were eating toaster strudels, Michael looked like he stormed the beaches of Normandy”
    -Tylandosaurus Rex Jr, 2021

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