Damian Lillard Is A Milwaukee Buck!

Damian Lillard Is A Milwaukee Buck!

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47 Responses

  1. Liam Nicol says:

    Bucks fans will never forget what Jrue did for this city. The key addition that made us a city of champions

    • RemyKingKen says:

      A true fan! Love to see it

    • Erick H says:

      FACTS, but as we all know, in order to get talent, you have to give up talent. And we only gave up Grayson Allen and some draft picks besides jrue That’s a win for the Bucks. Dame is one of the greatest clutch shooters in NBA history and scores period

    • Marco Arellano says:

      Absolutely. I will say this. I hate this weird narrative going around that the Bucks lost the trade bcuz they lost Jrue. You can only have so much defense till it becomes a liability on offense. Jrues an elite defender but the symbiotic relationship Giannis and Dame could potentially have on the Bucks is Jokic x Murray esque. They compliment eachothers playstyles so well that it’s a better fit for the Bucks to loose that good defense Jrue brought for a potentially unstoppable offense.

    • KJ_PRODZ says:

      Agreed ❤

    • Troll King says:

      Let’s not forget Lyrie and Harden going down (Yes I’m salty. Why wouldn’t I be?)

  2. Banana Duck says:

    Damn this is crazy, if everyone stays healthy and dame can mesh with the rest of the team the bucks could be an absolute unit this season

  3. Mentaculus says:

    As a Bucks fan, I am really sad to lose Jrue. But if Dame can stay healthy, there’s no denying this deal could put us over the top again. P.S. Dmills just got a 5th team

  4. Xrath says:

    As a bucks fan, this came out of nowhere, I’m sad to see Jrue go but Giannis and Dame is an insane duo.

  5. King Kobra says:

    As a Bucks fan this feels like a dream come true. Literally early Christmas

  6. Christopher Shelby says:

    This return for the blazers is pretty underrated. They got a non-guard, which is what they wanted. And Jrue should warrant a very good return if they decide to trade him

    • Eli Yarrows says:

      Jrue is on the last year of his deal so he’s not worth as much as you’d think and Ayton isn’t a great player he’s still gonna be the 4th best player on this team if you ask me. Dude has attitude problems and is only effective when you feed him the ball in the post on offense

    • slobberkissintl says:

      ​@Eli YarrowsKareem Abdul Jabbar had a bad attitude and required being fed in the post, just saying 😂

    • freddy says:

      @Eli Yarrows Ayton is scared of the post lmao. Dude could have a mismatch with a PG on him and he’ll still go for a close range jumper or a floater. Billups gonna have a lot on his plate to convince that man hes a 7 foot big lol

    • Josue Hernandez says:

      @freddyChauncey gonna struggle 😂 but he’s a hell of a coach for sure

    • Grievous says:

      If im the Blazers im flipping Jrue Holiday for more picks at the trade deadline, there’s championship contenders out there that could use a guard and they won’t be afraid to throw in a pick or 2 for Holiday

  7. Jordan Dwiggins says:

    This is what Milwaukee needed most, another scoring option who can space the floor and give you instant offense, especially down the stretch when Middleton is their only consistently clutch guy on that end of the floor. Having that extra option of someone who can hit a big 3 or make their free throws with the game on the line is something they have desperately needed. And Dame gets to play without having smothering pressure on him at all times because Giannis and Middleton are there as constant threats. Their defense will take a hit but it’s still miles better than anything he had in Portland. This is a perfect scenario for both sides

  8. LankySquibs says:

    As a Bucks fan, this is the happiest I’ve been since Giannis resigned. Ik we won after that but I sadly didn’t get to watch it. This makes me happy because if everything plays out right, Giannis could stay for the foreseeable future.

  9. Parker The Horse - says:

    As a blazers fan this makes me happy that he going to a contending team and we got young players to depend on

  10. Sam Martin says:

    as a blazers fan (and a damian lillard fan), this is a beautiful trade, dame and giannis great and i hope dame is happy

    • JimboCruntz says:

      This is arguably a better chance to win than the heat tbh. Giannis and Dame healthy is a championship core without doubt.

    • Zirco says:

      He should be happy to avoid playing for the poverty franchise miami heat he is going to a city of champions in milwaukee

    • Lucas Rego says:

      arent u upset at the front office?? i dont follow the blazers so i cant say for sure, but this package looks ass. They gave up Dame and Nurkic for 1 pick, jrue and ayton. Its a better package than the heat one but i feel like they could have gotten more

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