Destiny 2 has become a Microtransaction Hell

Destiny 2 has become a Microtransaction Hell

Bungie has turned Destiny 2 into a Microtransaction Hell. Today we’ll be looking at Destiny 1, the current state of Destiny 2 Silver, Eververse, Pay to Win, Event Cards, Dungeon Keys, Seasons, Expansions, and Free to Play Content. Please watch this video in its entirety and let us know where you stand on this topic.
#destiny2 #microtransactions #bungie
Researched & Edited by @LukeLockwood
Edited By Halozenic on Twitter
Edited By Noah1x on Twitter
0:00 Datto Video
2:06 Free to Play
5:12 Confusing Pay Structure
7:52 Dungeon Keys
9:13 Season Price Increase
12:08 Events
16:10 Eververse
17:34 Manipulation
20:37 Pay to Win
28:50 Paying for Other Games
33:12 Final Thoughts
Shattered Suns Excerpt Courtesy of @jamesthistleton
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24 Responses

  1. Pointdowguy says:

    I had no idea how bad it had gotten until I got a friend to start playing. Luckily that friend was well off and had more than enough money to afford everything but holy hell trying to explain to him each and everything that he had to buy was enough to genuinely make me feel like a bad friend for even suggesting he play the game. No game has ever made me feel real, palpable guilt for trying to get someone to play it.

    • StAr_ChiLd 89 says:

      I experienced this same situation with a friend as well..I honestly told download the free to play version just to understand the mechanics..after he asked what he needed to buy..i sat there..and thought to myself..i can’t recommend any of this ..especially when content has been cut..and theres no definitive beginning point..

    • Corey says:

      Ditto expect they weren’t and they dropped it in a couple weeks.

    • Awesomeguy951 says:

      I swear bungie is adding extra junk in the bright engram pool like more sparrows with a season 1 or 4 mark.

    • Shaolin Rasta says:

      Exactly why I don’t tell my friends to get in on destiny. In fact I had a few friends take the dive (no pun) a month ago and they’ve already stopped playing. I love this game but the devs don’t seem to care about the fun aspect.

    • alx santiaho says:

      My friends won’t touch this game with a ten foot pole and I don’t judge them. In fact it makes me feel like an idiot for continuing to play it myself.

  2. Bricky says:

    This was rather eye opening. I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad. I feel like I got the “Boiling Frog” treatment.

    • WebCamNinja96 says:

      There was a reason DK and Shy played Warframe for as long as they did.

    • I C says:

      Destiny 2 out here competing with warhammer when it comes to expensive franchises. At least you get to keep physical mini’s if you buy them

    • Hatsu says:

      everyone did, they knew what they were doing and have been testing the waters since launch the greedy bastards

  3. Victor Morales says:

    This is incredible. The most comprehensive list of one of the worst aspects of a game we all love. Thanks for this Cross.

  4. Adam Arico says:

    Good job on this one to the entire team. This was needed and I hope this makes the necessary waves

    • Peter Johnstone says:

      I hope so as well, I posted this on the forums. It’s gotten over 180 up votes so far, and like 200 comments

  5. Santik Lingo says:

    Something that insulted me this season, was the change from the “Daily Offer” tab, which had a daily rotating discounted Silver item, to the “Recommended Items” tab, which has a collection of full priced items. It went from a tab that gives you discounted items, in which I used often to buy that weapon Ornament that I have wanted or whatever for a discounted price, to a tab you click to see in game ads…

  6. MrKiki2907 says:

    Well done, Cross. We need this from our most prominent community members.

  7. Joshua Phillips says:

    “I used to go into a store to find a game. Now I go into a game and find a store.”

    This hits hard.

  8. Squilliam Fancyson says:

    I feel like a lot of us veteran players knew this was going downhill subconsciously but it hits different when you break it down so eloquently. Great work 🙏🏼

  9. Anthony UEnd says:

    I think my line is the final shape… I’m excited to see how the story develops and where it finally ends up after all this time but anything past that it just simply won’t be me for me anymore not with how I’ve watched this game changed

  10. FlipFlob13 says:

    It bothered me at launch and it bothers me even more now. Especially when little by little, the things we can even get with bright dust has been reduced until now, even the special eververse sets that are normally sold for bright dust later in the season piece by piece aren’t even available. I think it’s just gross when things that were initially the status quo have been pulled in the opposite direction or locked behind paywalls when we had a system that rewarded people for playing the game/earning bright dust.

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