Dmitry Bivol shocked the world after defeating Canelo Alvarez at light heavyweight, reacts to Floyd Mayweather jr winning $52,000 bet on his win, and says only way rematch happens is if terms are renegotiated.

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48 Responses

  1. mattd15 says:

    Knew he was good but not that good. His footwork is excellent. The way he kept moving to the left when canelo came close along with the solid jab and brilliant counterpunching was a joy to watch

  2. B H says:

    Honestly, this victory is no surprise to me. Dimitry Bivol is a monster! The old boxing adage “A good big man will always beat a good small man” has yet to be proven wrong.

    • Kike Mendez says:

      @Michael Myers his whole arms were covering his head and some of his body because of his hight compared to canelo

    • Ismael T says:

      Usyk vs Joshua says otherwise…

    • R Kalos says:

      It is not size matter.Bivol was more technical ,more strategic ,was more prepared and more hard worked.
      Had no tattoos..just hard work.Just like tyson.
      Size is irrelevant

    • gandalla says:

      Frazier did beat Muhammad Ali in his prime and was smaller than Ali. The lis can actually go on and on. Henry Armstrong was beating Champs as far 3 wegith classes bugger than him back when there was only 8 weight classes so it was more 3 weight classes bigger like 6 weight classes today. Jack Demsey destroyed many many fighters that were far way bigger than him and the champions of his era. Pacquiao against Cotto. The list goes on and on I can be here a day about small Champs beating bigger Champs. Ali beating George Foreman. I was rooting for Bivol. I’m only commenting cause of the “A good big man will always beat a good small man”will always has been proven wring many many times in boxing and other full contact sports. Yes the bigger man has the advantage and will win. But, not always

    • aj bastiman says:

      Usyk beat AJ

  3. Said Miranda says:

    Canelo’s footwork has never been his best asset, but tonight it was terrible, absolutely terrible. Bivol dominated most of the fight with ease.

    • Kike Mendez says:

      @J Bart 😐

    • Ramsey Bacerott says:

      @A. H. Exactly! The heavier weight made him look slow and older. He’s not naturally big, unlike Bivol. That explains why he was fighting on fumes the last 4 rounds.

    • Kellz says:

      He’s used to guys backing off from him, Bivol walked him down the majority of the fight!

    • Stephen Alex says:

      @Swifty ! Floyd is a 5 division champion. As Roger Mayweather would say ‘you don’t know s**t about boxing’

    • RobertMoore says:

      Bivols just that good stop down playing this dudes skills

  4. ben frost says:

    Definitely should take the rematch , he won convincingly enough and he’ll have all the cards as the champion for the rematch

    • spunkmonkey5000 says:

      Canelo is cash cow 🐄 💰, he brings the big pay day..

    • spooktaculer YT says:

      @Abolisher ROS it will be hard cause canelos power isnt gonna be there cause he moved weight classes roberto duran warned canelo that if you move up weight classes your power wont be there

    • CT123 says:

      @Shalamar also bivo said he will cut weight and move down to 168 to fight canelo to prove its not about the weight difference. this will prove to all his fan he is no match for bivo fighting style. of course he will be taking canelo belt at that class too which is double profit

    • CT123 says:

      @Shalamar he won clearly but i dont think second fight is a bad idea. he will gain more money and more fame. this will prove that canelo is no match to him at all.

  5. karyn keenan says:

    Bivol is rightfully the A Side now. And he’s a great guy. Humble and honest.

    • Junior Gonzalez says:

      Who puts asses in the seats, does Bivol put 73k fans in the seats. Nope, Canelo still A-side. Bivol would never make this amount of money without Canelo, but congrats to Bivol he deserves the best. Boxing is a business before anything else.

    • Jose Alarcon says:

      @Morgan Andred hmm I think he is still undisputed at 168. People sleeping on the fact he went up to 175.

    • Young Kwak says:

      A side ahahahahahahahahahah hell yeah

    • Ruijerd Superdia says:

      No one in that weight will ever be the A side against Canelo as long as he’s fighting

    • TNaijaBoxing says:

      @Crack Shot exactly…couple of years.

  6. Team Before Self says:

    Smart fighter inside and outside the ring… The humility and respect he displays is epic! Congrats Champ.

  7. Jamie Leroy says:

    So Biviol’s team took the fight by agreeing everything what canelo wanted. Balls in Biviols corner now in the rematch, he can demand what ever he wants. Great move lol

    • J Shaw says:

      @Tech Go stand in the centre off the room you boxing expert….

    • suwaiL Panda says:

      @Crimson D they can fight 20 times and canelo will lost 21 times

    • MysteryMan-007 says:

      Like Mayweather I bet 💰 on him made almost 2k not like Mayweather 250k, I never doubt Bivol and seeing how he dominate bigger fighter than him with fast hand and great footwork that’s no brainer. He every Canelos 🥊 punch like nothing. His style was no match for Canelo. Thanks Bivol take the rematch and hopefully they put you underdog again so I can’t make 💰 again.

    • Peter Psihogios says:

      @Boxing bias ego And dontaes cheese burger nation Lol….Mexicans were saying that Canelo could become cruiser champ and even beat Usyk. Now it’s poor Canelo lost to a huge lightheavy weight, it’s not fair……🤣🤣

    • Tech says:

      @J Shaw bro go sit in a corner you casual.


    Canelo must have been shocked at Bivol’s strength and ability. I dont think Canelo will take a rematch as there are too many other fights for him at lower divisions.

    • ElAchaKamikaze says:

      @d jones y’all act like if he wasnt making bivol miss full combos even when he was gassed you are all just haters. He can still win all he has to do is counter and keep his guard up.
      The one making excuses already for a rematch is bivol.

    • Pelavacas says:

      Canelo has a A+ chin. He just couldn’t over power him. Bivol is just huge.

    • d jones says:

      @ElAchaKamikaze sure he can say whatever he wants … he knows what went down last night .. if he’s crazy he’ll do it .. wilder wanted his rematch too

    • ElAchaKamikaze says:

      @IsmokeHiphop Live undisputed super middleweight champ still

  9. Rick James B. says:

    He’s 100% right. When he was asked in the ring post fight about the the rematch he didn’t just flat out say ‘yes’ but instead said IF he is treated like a champion he will take it, meaning if he is treated like the a side financially. This is a man with a solid head on his shoulders and although the Canelo fight set him up nicely financially, he knows a second fight where he can call the shots and ask for 10 or 15 million as he should, will set him up for life and on his way to even bigger and better things. Go get em champ 🙌🏼

  10. Montys420 Australia says:

    Bivol taking a small % of the cut, proves he believed in himself

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