thanks for 3M

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  1. ZK Shlonkem says:

    this is me for 90% of the time im programming, 10% actual work. no shame

  2. Lewis says:

    the fact he went above and beyond to train his ai model to produce such high quality renders is unbelievable

  3. pyromaniac000000 says:

    For people who are shocked, don’t be. He did just recently tell us he’s going to a convention, and that while it would be funny to go wearing a giant computer mask he didnt want to. This is just preempting his appearances there, it’s gunna happen anyway so he’s doing it on his terms with his humor thrown in, and you gotta respect the hell outta that!

    • EndroEndro says:

      but he could have nice climatisation, drink feeder in a monitor helmet something like baby of iron man helmet and old computer monitor. It’s a lost opportunity if you ask me xD

    • Mister Zig says:

      @EndroEndro one way glass with an lcd display…

    • Alex 5432 says:

      But he will wear a giant computer mask William even showed us…

    • Korok says:

      oh nice

    • pyromaniac000000 says:

      @Alex 5432 you REALLY think he’s gunna wear an uncomfortable helmet all day? He might do it as a gag on a panel, but the majority of the day he wont use it, guarantee it

  4. Amy Rose says:

    No big build-up, letting his humor shine through and not making it that much of a deal. Literally best face reveal ever. i don’t care if he sat down for hours and came up with the idea and coreographed it out or if it’s literally just a sprout of the moment thing, it feels natural, doesn’t seem forced at all. code bullet, you have a confidance only few people seem to have. Hope you enjoy your con-visit!

  5. TheRavenParty says:

    Finally a YouTuber who made their face reveal funny and not unbearably awkward.

  6. Viki1999 (retired) says:

    This may be the best face reveal and 3 million special so far.

    No needless droning on about how grateful you are and how you love every viewer who you never talked to. Just a face, a joke and a thanks. You optimized this strat pretty well.

  7. My Channel / knickohr says:

    Your animations are getting so much better lately. Great to see you going from moving in jump cuts to animation as smooth as this.

  8. Dante Matellini says:

    The humour and down to earth of Code Bullet and face reveal is appreciated, way more than other youtubers who spend so long dwelling on unnecessary drama

  9. SleepyEbbie says:

    Such a great animation! Must’ve taken so many hours to do the rigging and don’t even get me started on how realistic it all looks

  10. Gililaw says:

    honestly i think this is the best face reveal i’ve ever seen so far, dint hype the hell out of it, went directly into the topic and no break of expectations

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