Dodge | Speed Week Day 3 | Next Gen Muscle

Dodge | Speed Week Day 3 | Next Gen Muscle

Description: Day 3 – From a Garage Party on Woodward Ave., it’s the Next Gen of Muscle the only way Dodge knows how…

After more than a century of making trouble, we craft muscle cars with massive doses of attitude. Built for top performance — from power off the line to handling in the corners — every Dodge vehicle delivers an impressive combination of power, technology, capability and efficiency. If you have questions about our products or would like to contact Dodge directly, please use the “Contact Us” option from our website:


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45 Responses

  1. MayhemMercenary says:

    At least Ford has figured out how to keep the V8 Mustang alive for the coming years… Dodge could’ve done the same, but I don’t think the European overlords at Stellantis like V8s. I had a feeling the merger would taint the brand.

    • Maus says:

      Ford will get rid the of the V8 in the coming years too. Everyone is going EV

    • Massive Big says:

      I hope you realize that just because the name changed to Stellantis. Doesn’t mean the people making the decisions has changed. The Italians have always called the shots even before it was “Stellantis”

    • The Fish says:

      @r e v e l a r e_ XVII is part of VW and yes teh french hate fast and badass cars

    • Joshua Vickery says:

      @r e v e l a r e_ XVII that’s technically a German company because it’s owned by Volkswagen

  2. Danny Kanchanarin says:

    As an owner of multiple Stellantis/FCA products, I will put this in the nicest way possible…if the top tier Daytona EV doesn’t make a Tesla Model S Plaid & Roadster seem slow in comparison, best of luck selling these unless they are literally a fraction of their price.

    • MANMADELEGEND33 says:

      Well said, because this car will definitely have. Some of them brotherhood brothers leaving camp. 🙌🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • whippingstar says:

      We’ve reached the point where numbers don’t matter. It’s almost hard to find cars that don’t hit 60 in at least the five-ish second range, handle fairly well, and stop as good as they accelerate. The Charger did well because a guy could go to his wife and say, “See? It has four doors. We can take the kids!” and get his stoplight fix, and it’s loud and has a hood scoop and is fairly conspicuous and costs just enough to show that you have some money to throw around. Can the new Daytona make the same argument?

    • T.j. Land says:

      @Gjesus Muniz but the price? You can just buy a used hellcat, mod it to the point where itll walk a plaid and still have money left over

    • chromeplatedcowboy says:

      @Manav Anand actually,opposite..Dodge is so junky they are a very hard sell except in the ghetto.

    • Kevin Williams Jr. says:

      To put out a car that makes those seem slow is dangerous. Fast cars are the norm now. Dodge is focusing on the experience that you can’t get from most EV’s. That and curb appeal. It only has to be cooler. Faster isn’t as impressive as it was.

  3. Robert List says:

    Front and rear are fantastic. The charger heritage is very apparent in the styling. I get the feeling that if you were to cut about 6-12 inches out of the design behind the B pillar, it would look much better. However, overall, it does look very nice.

    • Greg Thorpe says:

      Seriously Robert..drop in line for the jackbooted thugs and get back in your Prius

    • Savage Animal says:

      I’m so happy you think that, and it’s not just me, lol I want the exact same thing as you do! The side looks weird but the front and back looks awesome! I think a widebody would look cool too!

    • Landsharkhobo says:

      It looks like they added a little too much head room as well but this is largely due to crumble zone in case of pedestrian impact

    • Brandon DeSean says:

      @Johnny Turbo exactly! like a kid drew a 2nd gen charger with crayons in class. smh

    • Robert List says:

      The best way I can describe the roof, is a 4 door sedan that they slapped 2 doors on and call a couple. Let’s keep the wheel base the same and move the C pillar forward 10 inches on the existing body. Carry the slope through the roofline vs sloping only at the back and don’t be afraid to rock a boot that fits 4 bodies.

  4. shoryurepa1 says:

    That Badge looks like Akuma from Street fighter lol but definitely looks like a muscle ev. Not a big fan of the fake exhaust sound but it is a good safety feature that let’s anyone around know there’s a vehicle nearby unlike some evs that go unnoticed. Let’s just hope the performance numbers meet or surpass most of today’s performance vehicles.

    • Daniel Santos says:

      @sum gaye It’s not a speaker, it’s just air going through the pipes and coming out in a wide opening in the back, it works similiar to a wind instrument

    • sum gaye says:

      @Tyvek Homewrap “amplified” it comes from a speaker its fake same if a gas car did it

    • Tyvek Homewrap says:

      From what Tim made it sound like, I don’t think it’s fake, just amplified. Not 100% sure though.

    • shoryurepa1 says:

      @Maus agreed. Hopefully the sound can be lowered or turned off or changed to something else. We’ll just have to wait for the production model to find out

    • Maus says:

      I wish the sound was a bit more electric if that makes sense. It feels like it is trying to copy a v8 too much and it just doesn’t work very well

  5. Tim Torgerson says:

    Looks cool, shouldn’t be called a Daytona charger tho, just call it the Dodge Banshee

  6. Matthew Lemoine says:

    After realizing like you guys said they are changing they’re changing the rules and we don’t have a choice. I completely support what you guys have done and I am very proud to be a part of the family. Also because you made it practical I will most likely buy that for my wife as our family car

  7. Caleb Crockett says:

    Those lines look futuristic and 1970 at the same time, I think it’s gonna be great!

  8. Mount Mount says:

    Think with the way things are going they’ll hike up gas prices to the point where people won’t even be able to afford a Prius as a daily to get EVs as the only option.

    • LeoTheLion says:

      Look up stories of people paying more for electric charging than gas though. When the majority of cars are electric, they’ll be just as expensive as gas.

  9. Jason says:

    this EV move is lame but inevitable, glad Dodge is still keeping with the aggressive style and focusing on driving experience. Mixed feelings on the sound… but hey it gives a little personality.

    • Victis Omega says:

      @marvellous I’m not sure I’m willing to buy all that, my own research doesn’t really track with any of what you just said. I’m happy to be wrong, but talk of lithium based battery materials being a concern from a ecological and resource availability standpoint has been around since before 2019. EVs just look like a cart before the horse scenario, and as far as I can tell it’s nowhere near the savior we want it to be for the environment, which I only bring up because it’s a major issue that companies and governments try to sell these things on.

    • marvellous says:

      ​@Victis Omega 1. Even if all electricity comes from coal, EVs are more than 2 times as efficient. This will get even better as we switch to renewables/nuclear.

      2.The battery material is not extremely finite. There’s plenty of lithium in the world to supply the transition to EVs, even though there are shortages right now, that is mostly because the mining infrastructure is lagging behind. There is also work being done in recycling these batteries at the end of their lifespan so that will reduce mining requirements in the future. We have done this successfully before with lead-acid batteries for cars.

      3. Yes, mining for lithium isn’t the most eco friendly option out there, but it’s significantly better than continuously emitting CO2. Furthermore, as battery technology improves, you will need 2-3 times less battery material. In addition, there are other battery chemistries being researched that use more abundant materials.

    • Victis Omega says:

      @El eSpicy xV where do you think the electricity comes from in a lot of places? What about the battery material for these that’s extremely finite as well? What problem is EV solving in terms of resource depletion?

    • El eSpicy xV says:

      @tspidey007 yes because we have unlimited resources 😂😂😂

    • Jared P says:

      @tspidey007 that’s what I’m saying buddy we have decades left of it not having to be inevitable. We’re making moves for ev models while other countries will be taking advantage of the combustion engine. Smh

  10. U.L. Builds says:

    Love the look. Hope you keep it looking aggressive as it is. Gorgeous car and a great job by the team.

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