Even nerds can dunk with these

Even nerds can dunk with these

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Turned out to be way more dangerous, hard, and fun than I was expecting. I feel like I say that every time though…

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43 Responses

  1. @StuffMadeHere says:

    If you’d like to support creating more things like this, please consider joining my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere. I’ll be doing a behind the scenes directors commentary talking through the details that didn’t make this video there soon! There’s also an awesome discord. Big thanks to all the existing patrons who make it possible to make ridiculous things like this!

  2. @TomGreen99 says:

    _One small step for a man, one _*_giant leap_*_ for nerdkind._

  3. @brettfreeth1526 says:

    I feel like Shane did this project just so he could justify to his wife why he needed to buy an auto belay.

  4. @smartereveryday says:

    This is the undisputed legitimate record.

  5. @HoldYourSeahorses says:

    It’s just not the same without him showing his wife and her completely shattering his hopes and confidence in how cool his invention is.

  6. @91JLovesDisney says:

    It didn’t feel complete without the harsh judgement of your wife! 🤣 Great video

  7. @andreykrylov7155 says:

    It doesn’t count without your wife’s skeptical looks.

  8. @rus.t says:

    You should combine all your inventions to make the ultimate basketball player

  9. @Dexi says:

    Imagine this dude inviting someone over that didn’t know what he did. “Hey what’s this?” “Oh that’s my un-missable basketball hoop.” “and what’s that?” “That’s my explosive-powered baseball bat.”

  10. @rafaelmorales1926 says:

    ok but can you imagine how horrifying would this project be if it was made by “i did a thing” lmao

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