FBI investigating Manhattan hotel fire after Chinese billionaire’s arrest

FBI investigating Manhattan hotel fire after Chinese billionaire’s arrest

The FBI is investigating whether a 2-alarm fire at a hotel in Manhattan is tied to the arrest of a Chinese billionaire on Wednesday afternoon.

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25 Responses

  1. DRKrust492 says:

    Setting a high rise on fire to try to destroy evidence is incredibly heartless.

    • Cruzredeye says:

      ​@Chris Chen lol😅

    • Ewan S says:

      @Chris Chen Indeed. But when Chinese media and politicals choose to be so critital of western society, it must be pointed out they do not let such critique be cast the other way, infact blocking foreign scrutiny and observation entirely. The cyber wall breeds the hate because it was designed to do so. We need to differentiate politics, religion and race without people being offended by good debate. Or attempt to discuss differences before we resort to simplistic provocation.

  2. Bullfrog Pond Shop says:

    A first day detective knows that there is no such thing as a coincidence, especially of this nature.

  3. John doe says:

    I have seen videos about this guy a long time ago talking about him in a positive light all because he was exiled from China. This is why people shouldn’t let politics affect the way they think about certain things.

  4. Alice Watkins says:

    That’s something fishy going on.

  5. Dee Price says:

    Every charge the reporter named off should be charged to pretty much our entire government.

  6. cforce64 says:

    Bet someone’s trying to destroy incriminating evidence

  7. Marjorie Myers says:

    Getting rid of evidence. Why else would it happen


    It wouldn’t surprise me if this billionaire is behind a lot of the Internet scams that we hear about. He personally may not be the one in contact with victims but he may have a whole Netwerk of underlings who do his bidding.

  9. Dave Bennett says:

    The FBI were still working in the office when the fire was discovered. The FBI called the fire department. Fishy is damned inadequate here.

  10. Wet Spot Swimwear says:

    “ANY possible connection?” Seriously!?
    I can’t believe she asked such a stupid question…OF COURSE there is a connection

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