First Significant Winter Storm Of Season Could Dump Foot Of Snow Across Parts Of Northern Tier Of US

First Significant Winter Storm Of Season Could Dump Foot Of Snow Across Parts Of Northern Tier Of US

The first significant winter storm of the season could dump a foot of snow across parts of the northern tier of the U.S. #foxweather #weather #winterstorm

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22 Responses

  1. Alex Smart says:

    Born and raised in LA. Lived there for 38 years. Moved to Billings Montana(outskirts/Rims) 6 years ago, and love having actual all four seasons/winter. Even when it get really cold, down to the low -30f, I just stay warm inside and watch the beauty of it. Love the Snow, love the storms,

    love the Freedom.

  2. James Bernardin says:

    We’ve already had a 5 inch snowfall in northwestern Wyoming ,over two weeks ago.

  3. JC Davidson says:

    El Niño . . . a weather phenomenon that has been observed for over 600 years.

  4. Jan Žižka says:

    Meanwhile, in Phoenix: “Wow, my shoes aren’t melting into the asphalt anymore; feels like fall!

  5. Super Gamer says:

    Be ready for this winter 🥶

  6. Ginger, aka Virginia says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  7. Teresa says:

    We are supposed to get our first snowfall of this year in Central Oregon tonight & tomorrow. It was really Cold today too and the sky today definitely looked like Snow was coming.

    • Damster587 says:

      Do you know if any resorts will be opening soon?

    • Sarah Okanow says:

      I’m 21 and have never seen snow lol . Florida

    • Marina Zagrai says:

      sarah…my son is 26 and the only snow he has seen was when we went to Taos, NM. I grew up with snow and what you haven’t experienced is the Mud after the snow melts (weeks of taking shoes/boots off before getting inside the home is a mess).

  8. ken sims says:

    Can’t imagine trick or treating in a snow storm.

  9. Janet Phillips says:

    I see that pink stretching across the Wind River valley! We were there all summer, but never really saw summer! It was freaking cold!

  10. O K. S says:

    What are we doing? It took 2 people to give a 3 min weather report…. And the actual report didn’t start until 1 minute in 🤦🤷

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