FIghtHype owner Ben Thompson recently caught up with Hall of Fame legend Floyd Mayweather, who had a lot to say about several topics in the sport of boxing. You don’t want to miss what went down. Check it out!

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35 Responses

  1. Brodie The Goaty says:

    “Floyd, was Spence food for Crawford?”

    “The camp before Maidana, I couldn’t even eat food. That just shows how professional I’ve always been.”

  2. Bruce Wayne says:

    floyd didn’t answer any questions but didn’t lie not one time 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. kayrow says:

    “Like I said before, he’s a helluva a fighter….I make smart investments. I never ducked or dodged nobody. I’m blessed. Hard work, dedication” – any Mayweather interview

  4. Bruce and Teo says:

    Floyd was and still is an absolute LEGEND…..

  5. Andy J says:

    Floyd said “forget about me, let’s talk about their fight”…then proceeded to talk about himself anyway 🤣🤣🤣

    • Taylor Weeze says:

      He talks in full circles hahaa

    • Russian Roulette says:

      He can’t help talking about himself

    • Lloyd Ruiz says:

      Hahaha still people disrespect him always.. a contradictory to Pacman’s high respect and admiration tp the goat

    • Russian Roulette says:

      @Lloyd Ruiz I can give you an example. I don’t know how big you are into Football/Soccer. It is the most popular sport in the world and footballers are literally the biggest sporting names globally. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are the two current biggest names. Every time interviewers ask Messi if he is the best of this era, he says the question is irrelevent it’s not up to him to decide if he is the best but the people will decide who the best is. Whereas when interviewers asks C. ronaldo if he thinks he is the best, he says “Of course i am the best”. No wonder more people like Messi’s humble approach.

    • Milotic says:


  6. Don-Dee says:

    Dude spoke about himself the entire interview.

  7. Francisco Lima says:

    We all are disappointed bc Floyd only talked about him as usual, but if u listen closely Floyd does not want to talk about Spence vs Crawford bc if he says something they are going to say Floyd is hating and he is salty so he keeps his opinion to himself, TC beat ish outta ESJ but clearly ESJ was not at his best that night for reasons he only knows

    • Big Soldier Mx says:


    • The Gr8 1 says:

      Please. If he ain’t at his best that’s on him. He looked no different than when he fought Porter, Ugas or Garcia. He made the same mistakes with them that he made with Bud. Difference being Bud was able to capitalize on em.

    • The Boxing Boy says:

      ​​@The Gr8 1exactly this weight excuse was always gonna be what people said. Bud said it 5 years ago that when I beat him there gonna say he was drained etc and that’s exactly what people are doing. Styles make fights and Errol is always gonna have problems against Crawford if it’s at 147-154 because of the style. Too fast to accurate physically very strong so you can’t just push him back and he’s a master of punching off your punches. Footwork/angles just technical things that bud can do that was just getting to Errol

    • lewis20002000 says:

      Soooooo why did he take the interview?

    • Tony Gange says:

      As if Floyd gives a shite what ppl say about him or his analysis of a fight.
      Guys got too much ego & cant keep up with hype fighting in circus shows

  8. Deniltrix Animations says:

    “I’ll always give an interview to fighthype first” bro kept his promise

    • Toby20 says:

      Of course. Fight hype been on mayweathers payroll for years now.

    • トランRaian says:

      @Toby20 I mean Floyd is legit one of the greatest boxers of all time. If I was in his presence, I wouldn’t be rude lol, not payroll, just respecting what should be respected.

  9. J. Page says:

    I look at it like this, anytime we get a Floyd video, you know we’re going to get a helluva interview. He’s always going to give us the truth about these young hungry lions and these tough competitors. And like I said before, God don’t make mistakes.

  10. Don Blazar says:

    Mannnn idc what y’all say, I love Floyd🤣.Dude knows how to talk about himself no matter the question 😂

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