I Challenged Phil Mickelson To A 9 Hole Match | Bryson DeChambeau

I Challenged Phil Mickelson To A 9 Hole Match | Bryson DeChambeau

I Challenged Phil Mickelson To A 9 Hole Match…

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29 Responses

  1. Bryson DeChambeau says:

    Who should I challenge next?

  2. The Bentist says:

    This is great! next up would be amazing to get into the players head like what phil is thinking during every shot almost like you guys are scrambling best ball and then explaining what you guys are both thinking down to the tiny detail would be super helpful to get into your heads and see how you think!

  3. Matt D says:

    Now this is how you build the team brand aspect of LIV while also changing the game. Imagine the possibilities of all those practice rounds turning into amazing YouTube content. Way better than unfilmed rounds playing with 32-handicap CEOs

  4. FonteGolf says:

    Phil is a gem, would watch his instruction videos over any other pro

  5. Marco Arreguin says:

    Phil needs his own channel just doing this! Just listening to him set the bets up got me so amped. Such a legend

  6. Alec Snyder says:

    I know Phil has gotten some flack over the past few years but that will never change how much of a legend he is. Could watch him play for days. Awesome content.

  7. Scot Page says:

    Absolute joy to watch! I loved the description/plan of the shots given ahead of time. I’m a big fan of both Phil and Bryson, especially because of how kind they are to the fans. Enjoyable watching the skill displayed. Perfect content and size. This video plus watching Bryson’s 58 are the best advertising for liv so far. Thank you

  8. Echo.Whiskey says:

    I’ve been watching Phil on tv for 40+ years and have never seen a casual round with him just hanging with the boys. This was a pleasure Bryson, thank you

  9. Shawn Lucas says:

    PhD level content for golf enthusiasts…YouTube needs a golf channel like this – with elite level skill and course strategy on display…thanks for stepping up and delivering it.

    • BJB says:

      Yep, your pals will love you calling out your standard pelz shot with a hold off fade …lol..i guarantee you use aim point

  10. James Lovelace says:

    Yeah this is easily the best 2v2 nine hole match on YouTube I’ve seen. This is another side of Phil I’ve never seen. Great video fellas!

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