Gervonta Davis Body Shot KO’s Ryan Garcia – Doctor Explains Brutal Punch

Gervonta Davis Body Shot KO’s Ryan Garcia – Doctor Explains Brutal Punch

Gervonta Davis defeated Ryan Garcia after a brutal body shot dropped Garcia in the 7th round.

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56 Responses

  1. D V says:

    The little shock wave that travels across the side of his body after the hit is really something

  2. Casey Guccione says:

    Couldn’t see it in real time but the delayed reaction was classic hallmark of a liver punch.

    • 88BalloonsOnTheWall says:

      @Carpe Diem Lmao you be making stuff up for no reason.

    • IseaFlames says:

      ​@Carpe Diem experience difference just showed itself

    • Shakir Ahmad says:

      Most of the time that shot comes from a left hook from a right hand boxer but he took one from a left hand boxer’s power hand! And Tanks power hand!

    • Carpe Diem says:

      Davis kept lying that he would break his jaw, but he knew he was going to take him down with a liver shot. Ryan himself has used a liver shot successfully before. He was hoodwinked and distracted.

    • Kyler says:

      I crashed longboarding one time and landed on a decent sized rock right on my liver. It was 2x more painful than a hit in the nuts, its a miracle my ribs didn’t break.

  3. M. L. Hunt says:

    Thanks Doc. You see those liver shots fairly often but I’ve never heard such a clear explanation of the train of effects that makes them so devastating. As usual after watching your videos I feel a little smarter.

    • Jacob Ahtone says:

      Watch De la Hoya vs Bernard Hopkins, Oscar couldn’t get up, he was laying on the ground screaming!

    • michael bell says:

      Honestly you don’t see this a lot. What you had was a left handed power puncher that is used to hitting up connecting cleanly in the liver while his opponent was inhaling. Literally the worst case scenario. Ryan is lucky he wasn’t severely injured.

    • Abimbola Owolabi says:

      @Marcus Creed  Thanks for the clarification. It’s easy for us to sit on our couches and become analysts. Tank and Ryan both got rocked, not me, not you. Only those 2 lads know what hit them.

    • Marcus Creed says:

      As a boxer or really in any fight the worst place you can get hit is right in the liver. I’d rather get tapped in the temple and take the nap that comes with it.

  4. Decadence says:

    Thank you for explaining this for people who are quick to judge fighters that fail to continue after taking blows such as these. It’s a truly disgusting punch to take, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

    • John Whitten says:

      It sucks and is embarrassing because it makes you basically quit or be a punching bag. I wish he could have recovered, I wanted to see a few more rounds.

    • royal uchenna levi says:

      @Deepak Nambisan 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kevin Washington says:

      @‘Zero’-Silence having the ref in your face is different than having Tank ready to jump on you…he definitely would’ve tore his liver up!!!

    • ACE. 92 says:

      ​@‘Zero’-Silence Do you not know boxing??? When Garcia went down from the body shot,he wasn’t able to immediately get up. Yes he did get up at the ten count, but even if Garcia got up at the 8 or 9 count he still was in no condition to fight. If you notice some fighter’s stay down from a liver shot and counted out because they know they can’t continue fighting. You can either get up if you can and take an 8 count then tell the ref you can’t continue when he asked can you continue or take a knee and be counted out.

  5. Jaycob DelaCruz says:

    The fact tank is looking at it is a testament how much of a boxing genius he is

  6. tony starks says:

    Anybody who has fought know how truly painful a good liver shot is…

  7. Long Beach Maumba says:

    Dang Tank hit him so hard he made Ryan Garcia propose.

  8. TLGIII says:

    Beautiful liver shot! Ryan prides himself having a strong midsection. Shot was just world class though!

    • Adam Brashear says:

      Punches you aren’t expecting and are unable to defend against always hits harder.

    • seiko13k says:

      @Mowabb Please link the contract pac had saying other fighters had a no rehydration clause. & People are upset bc it’s a ugly side of boxing. drained fighters are more susceptible to being knocked out and being severely injured . Why do you think MMA is trying to get rid of malnourishing yourself to the point of near death for weight cutting .

    • Mowabb says:

      Nobody complained when pacquiao who is a naturally smaller guy like tank was making all those larger opponents sign rehydration clauses when he fought them. People love to pick and choose when they complain about boxing negotiations that have gone on for decades.

    • SigmaLife-415🏆🔥 says:

      ​@Paul Lynch will y’all shut up with that. Damn. The man lost. Even fully hydrated the skillset was VASTLY different. So stop it. Smh

    • seiko13k says:

      @Skinny Timmy there was a rehydration clause giving ryan a bunch of stipulations on weighing 136, than an additional clause saying that on the second weigh in he couldn’t weigh more than 146. when ryan fights at 135 he’ll usually rehydrate and be around 150 fight night. this absolutely affected him

  9. Chris V. Noire. says:

    We know as of a few days ago from the ESPN’s Punch Meter that at 5’5 135 lbs, Tank’s left hand hits harder in pounds per square inch than 6’7 215lbs former heavy weight champion, Deontay Wilder’s left hand and even more so 6’5 250lbs Dominic Brazeale’s right hand. Just let that sink in for bit and you’ll realize Ryan’s body reacted like he got hit by a sledgehammer.

    • Dustin McCoy says:

      Damn. That makes it that much more impressive that garcia not only got up from tanks counter left that dropped him in the second but that it didn’t really seem to phase him either

    • Hair Pitch says:

      You’re a funny g😂 bro

    • S K says:

      @J. Echevarria Nonsense Tank dropped Welterweights, middleweights and heavyweights his power is unnatural for his stature

    • Bazooka Blvd says:


    • Matthew Rios says:

      @roland marklandthe Actual agreement was that they couldn’t rehydrate more than 10 lbs for 24 hrs. Past that, they could rehydrate to whatever they decide. It’s actually not an extreme rehydration clause/rule as it is exactly what the IBF sanctioning body has any fighter wanting to contend for their belts do. The spectacle of this and how it was to create a disadvantage for Ryan because Tank’s team was scared was all spin from the get go. Also, Tank didn’t have him do anything that he didn’t do himself. They both had to abide by the IBF standard since Ryan didn’t want to fight at 135 and rather at 140 which Tank himself didn’t feel comfortable fighting at after feeling sluggish at that weight class with his single Barrios fight. Tank was and is A side, so he was in the place to dictate terms. He gave Ryan a catch weight with the IBF rehydration rules and Ryan agreed and signed. Him and his promoters and team spinning it was pretty annoying. Boots Ennis and other pro boxers said themselves that it’s not an uncommon rehydration rule and that they’ve done it a lot in their careers. Unfair rehydration clauses do exist where the fighters can’t come into the ring at a certain weight without paying a huge penalty of their purse. Canelo has been notorious to do this when he moves up to fight in heavier divisions. He also does it on much shorter notice.

  10. Chiemeka Arize says:

    Respect to Garcia for coming into the ring and doing his best.❤

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