How NBA Players be Hooping the second they get on the Team with LeBron

How NBA Players be Hooping the second they get on the Team with LeBron

Bro how everybody hooping abilities just be GONE like that?! 😂😅

Special thanks to Jae’lyn for helping out with this video! Check out his IG @thejaelynbrooks

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Mark Phillips – @SupremeDreams_1
Affiong Harris – @Affiong
Desmond Johnson – @l0v3andPeac3
Leland Manigo – @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel – @DylanPatel4_
Benjamin Skinner – @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton – @PlayThatJohn







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49 Responses

  1. RDCworld1 says:

    We doing a lot of video making! Hope y’all appreciate it Fr lol we got so much coming it’s ridiculous. But love y’all always. Just wanna make the world laugh! Thumbs up for us too if you liked the video! 100k likes?!

  2. IsmokeHiphop Live says:

    Man the energy it takes to keep coming up with content is hard. these guys are consistent 💯🔥🔥🔥

    • K1llerK1ll says:

      @Michael Gonzalez if it’s so easy then why don’t you do it then?

    • Poopy Joe says:

      lowkey its kinda hard to keep thinking up of new funny skit ideas

    • Michael Gonzalez says:

      @Random Guy nothing that RDC does is “hard”
      They make 1-2 minute “skits” with like 5+ people…
      Considering the size of their crew and the time between most of their posts they work incredibly slow.
      Nothing they do is difficult

    • Michael Gonzalez says:

      Making a 1:20 minute “skit” isn’t hard at all…

    • Random Guy says:

      Trust me, once you start being a creator, ideas will always flow in your head. Hundreds up hundreds. It actually becomes overwhelming because you want to make all of them. So coming up with content isn’t hard. Especially for RDC and especially for all the members they have on the team. The draining part is actually having to get up and making the content lol

  3. The One says:

    Mark always plays LeBron in skits, so to me it’s funnier imagining LeBron himself doing this scouting and being disappointed.

  4. FLYNAVI says:

    High pitched voice: “That’s him??” That had me dead, can’t count the amount of times I’ve said those exact words when dude start playing with Bron. It’s a whole other human lmfao 🤣🤣

    • Jhavv says:

      @SmoothSavage 28 caruso? Kuz? Monk? Reeves? AD? Mike miller? The entire cavs roster from 03 – 09?
      Man stfu what sport are u watching bcz clearly it aint 🏀

    • SmoothSavage 28 says:

      They say Lebron makes other players better. I to this day have not seen proofof that lol. The players he had were usually already good or they were developing players who were going to get better anyways.

    • Anthony Gilbert says:


    • Larry Jake says:

      Bruh the eye squint 😆 🤣 I almost died when I saw him switched to John

  5. Bittumello says:

    I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛

  6. nivlek lewis says:

    To be honest when you think about it that’s 100% facts, now do one when they go on a winning spree with that same player, and then the recruiter want his job back 😂😂 but then it happens again 😂

    • Rin Tohsaka says:

      @Stunt Did you forget about 2018 lebron in the playoffs you shouldnt be questioning his abilities especially since he dropped two 50 point games at 37

    • IssTrip says:

      @Stunt nah, no questioning at all. He’s one of the best players now. He’s one of the best players ever. If you say otherwise you’re just a hater.

    • Stunt says:

      @Lord Rothschild It actually is alot wrong with that it actually makes you question how good lebron is if he never had the privilege of switching around his teams all throughout these years.

    • Lord Rothschild says:

      @Stunt theirs nothing wrong with that, he clearly needs more shooters, but again he approved the roster, as the king you should be dominant, not the underdog

    • Sim Simma says:

      Truth is bron only benefits a particular player. The catch n shot guy and the lob threat. Asides from that, he’s tough to play with.

  7. Dee E.E. says:

    Lebron gonna be saying this when his son get drafted.

    ” I swear that’s not him. He was taller than that at the dinner table. I could have sworn he has more movement than that”

  8. RapisGames says:

    I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛

    • dacentafielda12 says:

      So you just go around copying and pasting the top comments to draw attention to your rapist games?

  9. Christian Lillard says:

    “ Most consistent player I’ve ever seen” That is 100% 🧢🧢

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