I’m TRAPPED AT BURNING MAN: Here’s what’s ACTUALLY Happening.

I’m TRAPPED AT BURNING MAN: Here’s what’s ACTUALLY Happening.

I understand this is completely off brand for my channel, but I feel I must show what’s going on on the ground that we are getting through it together and going to be okay. #burningman #breakingnews #burningman2023

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  1. Judson Graham says:

    Update 9:07 pm Sept 3. Our camp is 80% packed up, roads in the city are passable and improving fast. HEAT came with a forklift and took the skeleton of our rock wall down which is now packed up. Not sure how the gate road is, but people are leaving successfully.
    The man, temple, and chapel have not burned yet.

    • v3e_ says:

      Are they planning to burn it tonight can you let us know or film it if they do

    • michelle flynn says:

      Thank you so much dear, for the update! Parents were starting to worry. Love you ✌️🎈🤙🎉😊

    • MemeMom says:

      Heard there is Ebola there now lol

    • Matt Wyand says:

      I really don’t care brother. For those of us living paycheck-to-paycheck. This seems like a humongous waste.
      I’m not a cold-hearted bastard .
      I hope all you guys are okay .

      I find it extremely ironic and funny.
      On the first day y’all are stuck in traffic and now y’all are stuck there because of rain

    • Freyja Wired says:

      Best film of what’s going on from all I’ve watched. 2 or 3 news vlips said 1 person died in their headlines but provided no actual reporting on that, they seemed more panicked/shocked and apocalyptic about BRC, than I’d think most or any people whom I know went this year.
      Thank you for your common sense ground level reporting, with a “foot license” to counter all of the aerial news broadcast, hoovering. 😅
      6/8 inches of Clay slurry, is the most appropriately accurate description of the wet ground!🎉 a mud sculpture competition would have been fun!
      But you’re able to pack up and head out safely already and that’s great!
      I hope enough people stick around for any burns and for “no trace left behind” pick up. ❤ and y’all get to respective homes safely and without further incident.

      What do you think this years gathering will be remembered for/by the most?

      Happy State of Emergency Burner 🔥

  2. Captain Capitalism says:

    Thanks for the fun & informative vid, brother. I wasn’t too concerned, as over the years I’ve heard that there are plenty of ‘off the grid’ types and ‘preppers’ among event attendees — y’all can take care of yourselves just fine. The ‘night art’ of planetary bodies is particularly cool.

  3. JustHereForCats says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I’m glad to see that everyone is still making connections and finding ways to enjoy themselves. Be safe lovelies!

    Side note: weird to me that they aren’t using drones to drop supplies, but they’re using them to record the situation.

  4. Hector Rivera says:

    Thank you for this piece of media. It allows us to compare and contrast what the main stream media is reporting. Glad you’re safe.

  5. Anne-lisse Markham says:

    People staying positive and helping each other. Such a concept. There is hope for the human race.

  6. Ra Paints says:

    This is so well done. The editing and everything 🙌🏼.. good luck getting home safe!

  7. Alan Hubbard says:

    Great Video Justin! Thanks for the hard work you put into bringing Awesome experiences into our living rooms! Respect!

  8. Mama Doom says:

    All weather problems aside-over 75k extroverts all in one place sounds like a nightmare to me 😂

  9. B Fields says:

    Great seeing so much love and respect for neighbors. Glad everyone is okay. Mostly.

  10. Matthew Craig says:

    Really good job at letting us know what’s going on there. Love how people are staying positive. Thanks

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