iPhone 14/Pro Impressions: Welcome to Dynamic Island!

iPhone 14/Pro Impressions: Welcome to Dynamic Island!

iPhone 14 first look, and hands-on with the dynamic island AKA The Pill! Watch video coming soon…

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26 Responses

  1. alexandretherrien says:

    The smoothness of the animations is what makes the Dynamic Island so appealing. They really nailed it.

  2. AceGamerboi 18 says:

    Been rocking the XR since 2019. Now I am definitely interested in upgrading now that we have that 14 pro. That thing looks killer!

  3. James Song says:

    The anti-aliasing on a Retina display with smooth, playful animations…those things are what make the Dynamic Island fun to use and a welcome addition. Props to the UX/UI team.

  4. C. Media says:

    The dynamic island is such a clever/creative use of making the cutouts functional. Really cool to see the Apple engineers go beyond the specs and develop a thoughtful solution for a relatively small problem. I wonder if they will lean into it going forward in the coming years and develop it as an optional dock/taskbar/start menu of sorts that mimics the Mac UI.

  5. Miguel Ferreira says:

    I love the concept they are trying to implement with the Dyanmic Island (yep, it sounds stupid) but won’t it be kinda awkward to use after a while?
    I mean, if your phone is sitting on the table it’s easy to just tap it, but when you have an iPhone Pro Max, with a big screen, won’t it be harder to reach with a thumb? I don’t know, seems like they’re trying to improve something with a feature that will be hard to use for actual day to day multitask. For music and notifications it’s amazing, but to is it in a day to day bases, constantly, doesn’t look like it

  6. TechEnthusiast says:

    Honestly the Dynamic Island took me by complete surprise. Ended up being one of my favorite features announced in the event

    • snow 8 says:

      @Terence apple cultist fans gonna love Apple no matter what comes from them every 6 months..anything they come out with will be great in their eyes if the phone can 💩 they would say ohh look how great it smells🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Moomin74 says:

      @Ady Antonio They have actually. LG did something similar with the V10 and V20

    • Terence says:

      What does the island provide that you couldn’t do before? Text notification? Change the song that’s playing? Lol SMH this is all marketing and you’re easily influenced.

    • Michael Janicki says:

      @panatha tube it’s pretty nice tbh and that just shows how good iOS is as it will be picked up by 3rd party apps in just few weeks, I’m using Samsung’s Z Flip3 and 99% of apps are not optimized for Flip type foldable

    • Mark Trujillo says:

      @snow 8 that’s why I’m switching over today!!!!

  7. Charliez says:

    Prices have gone up a crazy amount in EU. I was excited about maybe buying the 14 pro max but starting at almost 1500€ is just nuts.

  8. imCylo says:

    I was so obsessed with the animations and transitions of the pill when I saw it. So smooth and I love to just stare at it do its thing

  9. Michael _Vevo says:

    I hope they come up with a way to use the eSIM in other countries when traveling abroad. I’m really excited to get the 14 pro max but I do travel internationally.

  10. Alexander says:

    I might consider upgrading to the 14 pro from my 11 pro. love the “dynamic island” design, it really lends a hand to the UI and functionality of the software. The real question though: Space Black or Deep Purple? I’m torn.

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