Israel Adesanya Breaks His Silence After Loss To Sean Strickland at UFC 293

Israel Adesanya Breaks His Silence After Loss To Sean Strickland at UFC 293

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Former 2 Time UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya talks to Uncrowned 145lb Champion David Adesanya about losing his Title to Sean Strickland at UFC 293.

00:00 Intro
01:04 Feelings 1 week after the fight
01:39 Analysis after re-watching the fight
02:26 How it felt inside the cage
03:33 What Sean Strickland did well
04:27 Sean Strickland’s Defence
05:02 Getting dropped in the first round
06:48 How the rest of the fight played out
08:31 Communication with Coaches in the Corner
09:56 Any pressure going into the fight?
11:04 Immediate post fight reaction
12:54 City Kickboxing’s performance at UFC 293
15:19 First post fight shower
16:10 The toll of being an active Champion
18:34 How the training camp went / Things to do differently
19:19 When will Izzy fight next?
19:57 Message to fans & supporters

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30 Responses


    Thank You for all of the support! I’ll be back! 💪🏿❤️
    Purchase the Official Israel Adesanya Supporter T-Shirt ‘STYLEZ’ at


    This kind of mindset is what you need to get through bad times. Not blaming anyone or anything for his loss and looks on how he can improve himself. Sean did everything right to stop Izzy and the man himself even respects what he did which shows class. We all know your a champion and forever will be and no one can take that from you. A true legend to the sport ❤

    • TyL3r B says:

      He looks for excuses but there wasn’t any. Instead he began being childish and running from the press. Embarrassing stuff when you go and prepare a tiktok dance, painted nails, china flag shorts and bark like a dog in the octagon but got dog walked for 5 rounds by the hillbilly he “would never lose to” – his own words

    • Samagoselen says:

      Yep, time for Izzy to beat off to anime and just enjoy the fruits. ❤

    • James Ware says:

      ⁠​⁠@TyL3r Byou do realize that a lot of that shit is for show right? Talk shit and sell fights. Literally all it’s for. This is their job. They train, talk shit to popularize their fight, then they fight. How it goes. And running away from the press? What does he owe to the press? Nothing. He said what he was going to do. He’s humble in defeat. Also he won the 2nd round.

    • Matthew Paul says:

      @TyL3r BIzzy earned the right to now call him cracka the way dude cracked him

  3. BrownBearTV says:

    We support you bruh. You handled the loss better than some of us 😂

  4. Senju Outlaw Gaming says:

    Man thank you Izzy brother! 🙏 You are the definition of an absolute legend, the many things you have accomplished already are of pure greatness. Through my hardest times I found happiness when watching you fight, watching your fights over and over again. We’ll always be here champ 🏆 ❤️ no matter what. Cant wait to see you take the belt back yet again and prove the haters wrong as you have every other time. Much love brother from a fellow Kiwi here in Australia.
    “Hard work is worthless for those that don’t believe in themselves” – Naruto Uzumaki.
    Arigato 🙏

  5. ma x enzie says:

    I love you Izzy, you’re the man. How you handle and have handled past losses is always something I take note on. Your transparency is really unique, not just for MMA but for any athlete I’ve encountered.

  6. M. J. says:

    i used to absolutely hate Adesanya, with time and after getting to know about this guy’s discipline and mindset. i became a fan. the things he did don’t come free of charge, a lot of sacrifices and compromises have been made so he would reach where he is now. nothing but respect man. you’re one of the few greats in my book.

  7. Dark Claw says:

    “He just never let me get Into my Rhythm”

    Exactly, Dana made poor excuses during the post-fight press conference by saying that Izzy during that fight “looked slow”, but that wasn’t because he had an off night, he just fought a fighter that didn’t let him Implement his usual style and not let him Impose his will.

    Respect to Izzy for showing humility here, and admitting he just lost to the better man that day.❤🙏

    • Tony Martinez says:

      Did you not watch the whole video? I hear excuses about not feeling right in the back (before the fight), I hear him saying that a friend “ab” said as soon as the opponent switched his whole demeanor changed, hear him saying it felt like he had noodle arms and no snap to his punches?? And that’s just minutes in 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 the Izzy ass kissers are ridiculous

    • Inphamous says:

      @Tony Martinez Idc much for Izzy tbh but it’s like every time a fighter loses they can’t say if they did or didn’t feel right before a fight. Can it be an excuse? Sure. But do they have to say they feel 100% every time they lose. You just want him to say that’s the best I’ve ever been even if he didnt

    • Darry Rameka says:

      @Tony Martineza whole hater but still watches his videos😂

    • Max Griffin says:

      his coach made the same “excuses” mate

  8. RunningwithGod976 says:

    Glad you took some time for yourself before immediately coming back and addressing everything. You deserved a rest after everything you’ve done as champion. Can’t wait for the comeback!

    • IMMA says:

      Bigger champions got knocked out and went to post fight presser.
      So thats just weak excuse and shows a lot about izzys character.

      Why he never let his coach do pressers when he won?
      Why he mocked 10 year old kid when he knocked out alex?

    • Prod.krxnic says:

      @IMMAwhy do y’all hate Izzy so much he’s done nothing but fight the best if the best since he came and whooped an entire division stop hating it looks bad on you💯💯

    • Sterl Silva says:

      Crazy that people are still trying to justify his actions. Before the fight he had superior skills, superior genetics, superior intelligence, superior mental fortitude, superior maturity yet with all these self proclaimed qualities he still didn’t have the decency or respect to show up.

  9. Feff Nordana says:

    Excellent example of a Champion’s mindset, especially coming off a loss, but also of David’s interview skills. REALLY good, straightforward questions that address what We wanted to know w/o getting personal or off-topic🏆

  10. Lucky dime garage says:

    Man that’s the most realest thing a fighter/person has ever said and done and it’s beautiful normally this fight would make me fall off the band Wagon but your still developing every fight and your growth as a person from your debut to now is crazy your losses aren’t even losses and that’s the best lesson your teaching to never give up

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