I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This California Blizzard Disaster

I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This California Blizzard Disaster

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– Patriottruckerz, Utah valley
⁃ Four Season out of Highland Utah valley
⁃ Joshua Grading & Excavating out of Phelan California
⁃ Ralph Smith out of Bountiful Utah
⁃ KC Logistics located in West Valley
⁃ Mr get Muddy out of San Diego
⁃ 910 Telicom out of Denver Colorado
⁃ Black sheep skid
⁃ T’s Landscaping out of Clearfield UT
⁃ Monte and Jeremy out of Saint George
⁃ Pine Rose Cabins in Twin Peaks
– Peterson equipment for the snow cat and snow blower truck

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31 Responses

  1. HeavyDSparks says:

    If you would like to support us on these missions please ENTER OUR BUCKED UP BRONCO GIVEAWAY and get a free 20x giveaway entries now by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3HVqkXh

  2. Jason Ballew says:

    I am a resident of Crestline and you guys set up so right around the corner from me.I wanted to thank you and beyond anything you did physically you solidified the idea of community that I saw throughout that time. Everyone coming together for neighbors was very heartening for me and when you came out showed us the community of care beyond us. The biscuit lady lives 2 houses away from me and you may have heard my family cheering you on as you drive away late into the night. Usually a neighbor and her older daughters help her clear the driveway whenever it snows but with this amount of snow it was an impossibility so thank you for that.

    • mind fornication says:

      @Riley Hall im waiting for my global warming while freezing my butt off. I did all the right things, i polluted the air in all kinds of ways, drove a bunch of gas guzzlers….

    • Greg Dustin says:

      @Jason Ballew  yes that’s possible of course. Was he impared by a stroke early in life ? I’m 57. My old friend would be close in age to me.

    • Greg Dustin says:

      @Riley Hall is highly inappropriate to bring this up in this thread. Political views and discussions are fine, but to bring it up here during a major crisis is rude and uncaring.

    • Jason Ballew says:

      @Greg Dustin my dad is James but you might be thinking of someone else

  3. Meyah Dee says:

    I’m a mountain resident (Crestline for 5 years and now in Cedarpines Park). My son told me about you guys and your mission to help us up here. I am literally in tears as to your generosity to come out here and help our community. Thank you for the bottom of our grateful hearts ❤❤

    • Dominic Durrant says:

      @PokéThom no amount of survival training will give you the skills needed to dig yourself out of this level of snowfall! You can’t prepare for something unseen before and simply have expensive heavy equipment Sat around out of use. Please get real and have a heart

    • PokéThom says:

      @Dominic Durrant I live in Florida how am I supposed to help? If I was them I’d be doing something instead of crying for help.
      People have lost all survival skills.. you can’t count on FEMA and “good hearted people” for everything..

    • Dominic Durrant says:

      @PokéThom have you ever experienced that amount of snow? It’s nearly impossible to dig your way out of it with hand tools. Hire companies could not make it in to the area so the residents were unable to bring in heavy hire equipement. Please instead of criticising the residents go help them, experience for it yourself and then have more appreciation for the plight of the guys.

    • PokéThom says:

      Why don’t you help yourselves? It’s snow. You’re not a worm.
      You have arms and legs and can clear some snow yourself.
      And if you’re too old to clear snow, WHY TF ARE YOU LIVING ON A MOUNTAIN?!!

  4. Paul Meyer says:

    You may not realize it, but you and your team are a blessing to so many people Dave Sparks…even to us watching you helping out wherever you can👍🏻 Thank you for your service to your community. Blessings from South Africa🙏

  5. K hummel says:

    While The Governor of CA was on a Mexican beach vacationing while this tragedy was unfolding, I Love how private enterprise was able to get right in and help. Thank you for caring for all these people that needed immediate help, care, compassion, supplies, cleared roads and removal of tons of snow. 🙏🏼

    • LycanHD says:

      @nate cote Because cancer is expensive and the rest are not farmers plus that snow isn’t normal there.

    • Teri Robinson says:

      Why does everything become a political fight. Trust there is Democrat and Republican folks busting ass together to help. While we set at home making it a political issue.
      Thank you Heavy D and your crew you are a true blessing ❤🤍💙

    • Carl Sale says:

      @LycanHD hmmm, thought ted was TX

    • thomas bailey says:

      @LycanHD He’s not the Governor of California. Wow ..LMFAO…. 😂 😂

  6. Gordon Foster-Carter says:

    The effort you guys put into helping folks, it is truly amazing!

  7. Matt Kister says:

    Thank you for all of your help and support to this community. I live in California, its sad that these communities only relieve help from states away instead of the local and state agencies. It’s perfect proof as to how neglected the rural communities are in this state. There’s no reason for this to get as bad as it has. Again, thank you for everything you are doing!

  8. Kathy doebling says:

    This brought tears watching Dave and the crew helping out. It is amazing the love people have and how they are willing to jump in and help where and when really needed. Dave, you are all a blessing to humanity. You are a beautiful sight for a lot of people in need. Thank you.

    • C&T LYONS says:


    • Peter Longprong says:

      @Mis chevious apparently you didn’t watch the video – THAT PRIVATE TEAM made it there to assist them, where the state Government, who is paid via our tax money, failed to do so. That is the point. FYI: As a Katrina survivor – I don’t need schooling on the subject, just accountability for failure of Government.

    • Arlene Jacovelli says:

      Buying product now on their website!!

  9. Crystal Lbell says:

    HeavyDSparks to the rescue. In my neck of the woods. Thank you for all your hard work and your crew as well. What a long journey to all of you to help us in need in Southern California.

  10. Susan Harris says:

    Thank you so much for doing what so many of us wanted to do but couldn’t. I’ve been a Crestline resident for almost 25 years and never seen anything close to this much snow. I live on a main road and we were plowed sooner than most. But we couldn’t get to the other streets that weren’t plowed to help. Not to mention that we were worn out from doing our own digging. There are a lot of people still trapped after 2 -1/2 weeks and many who physically can’t dig themselves out. Thank you for using your resources to help us out. We will be forever grateful!

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