Josh Pate On Colorado & Deion Sanders Shocking TCU (Late Kick Cut)

Josh Pate On Colorado & Deion Sanders Shocking TCU (Late Kick Cut)

Colorado and Deion Sanders stunned the College Football world Saturday as they upset TCU in Fort Worth, and on Late Kick Live Ep 424 Josh Pate shared his biggest takeaways from the game and where the Colorado program may be headed from here. How crazy is it to see a team almost entirely constructed in the Transfer Portal come together like this? Could this be the start of other programs trying to duplicate the Colorado model? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you multiple live shows per week!
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49 Responses

  1. Late Kick with Josh Pate says:

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  2. Love2go says:

    Let this be a lesson to you all. 1. Great head coach. 2. Great coaching team. 3. Great skilled hungry players. Equals winners.

    • sw3090 says:

      1 game

    • D Solo says:

      ​@sw3090That 1 game a lot of people wanted them to lose.

    • Joe Laton says:

      This is my problem. This is not Deion hate to me. People Keep saying he is a great head coach. We have no grounds to say that yet. He may very well turn into a great head coach. I am saying AS OF RIGHT NOW, we have one game of him being head coach. We cannot base anything off one game. We cannot base anything off of him in the swac. Lots of FCS and G5 coaches that look like can’t miss coaches crash and burn at the power 5 level. he may very well meet or exceed expectations this year. But to say he is a great head coach at this point in time is a bit premature. he has not won a natty or 2 or 3 yet. That is greatness as a coach.

    • qwerty112311 says:

      @sw3090and I’m sure next game you’ll say it’s just two games. Easy competition. And when CU is 5-1 next month… oh it was just easy teams. And then at 8 wins… oh Deion is just paying off other teams.

    • Sondra Davis says:

      ​@Joe Laton
      CU BEAT TCU!!!!!

  3. OregonGuy1982 says:

    I think most football fans can agree, that game was the highlight of week one.

    • Deonte Lindsey says:

      Of the year! Since you believe now

    • i_g0t_a_STi says:

      Meh I remember more of the Carolina game, but I actually watched that game. A tcu game, I learned my lesson on them last year

    • Denton Young says:

      It was ONE OF the highlights. A great way to begin Saturday, for sure. I thoroughly enjoyed the six lead changes in the final 20 minutes and the defensive stop to seal the deal.

      However, there were lots of other good games. On Thursday we had three thrillers (Georgia State — Rhode Island, Minnesota — Nebraska, Arizona State — Southern Utah.) On Friday we had Louisville’s spectacular rally against Georgia Tech. And on Saturday there were a ton of fantastic finishes and tight games. Fresno State and Purdue went back and forth. Northern Illinois and Boston College needed one OT to settle things. Temple needed a break from the refs to survive against Akron. Marshall had a tough test against Albany. FIU just barely escaped Maine. Louisiana-Monroe had a dramatic late rally against Army. Houston nearly choked away the game against UTSA. Illinois just squeaked past Toledo. San Diego State had a nervy finish against Idaho State, And Wyoming and Texas Tech decided to outdo NIU and BC by taking *two* OT’s to determine a result.

      All of today’s games were blowouts, but we have one more game tomorrow. Hopefully it will cap the week off well by being a tight one.

    • Skywalker'sBirthCertificate says:

      @i_g0t_a_STi So what you’re saying is you’re not a football fan.

    • Allen Collins says:

      Florida State had a big win also

  4. James says:

    Only those of us who have played the game can understand the magnitude of Travis Hunter playing both ways at a very very high level.

    • Nathan Barnett says:

      Literally never been done before. You see it in high school from time to time. But to do that at THIS LEVEL is insane

    • Delxino Gaming says:

      Imagine memorizing both playbooks 😂

    • hubrisnxs says:

      ​@Delxino Gamingright???! I mean, how did he? That first quarter interception wasn’t just something that would happen with even a great cornerback. That was insane. Then what he did on offense?

      That’s not just memorizing both playbooks, that is sort of writing them to a certain point

  5. Robert Cammon says:

    Deion essentially brought a Pro management style to college football. NFL has high turnover and have to gel quickly. Deion has been in Superbowl champions locker rooms and MLB playoff championship team locker rooms. He knows what matters most.

    • Moon Hawk! says:

      You explained this very well. Deion brought a fast pace Coaching and teaming style because that’s what he knows, he isn’t trying to wait 3-5 years to build when he can build and win as he goes.

    • Warren Carter says:

      Lol. Move the goal post to the parking lot huh ?

    • Q says:

      @Warren Carter Please make your comment make sense, because how is his experience in both locker rooms not relevant. I’m dying for you to tell me how the goal post was moved.

    • Mark Herron says:

      Tiger Woods changed golf. Literally. The PGA changed the tee box. Because Woods was reaching the greens of majors with unseen before accuracy……..Deion just changed the way coaches will revamp programs moving forward. Your not going to be in the University u initially signed on to, in the traditional way. And I think that’s a good thing. Guys that want to flourish who have the talent and want to get paid they’re going to move on…. .

  6. Matt says:

    As a life long Buff I, and many of my friends and family, cried after the game yesterday. Many Buffs fans teared up. First sense of pride i’ve had since early early 2000s. Sko Buffs!

    • Raymond Nicolas says:

      Cried, Does Colorado football program pay your bills? You’ve got to be kidding me… Another one I never understood was how fans could get into a fight over their team. These people don’t pay your bills and don’t care one bit about you. My team lost so I’m going to be pissed off all day. I played D1-AA ball at Delaware and it just amazes me how adults can act…

    • Bernard Riggs says:

      I did too just the storyline had me tearing and I’m a 54 year old male

    • Beautiful One says:

      Yea Deion Sanders is an amazing person and Probably the ONLY ONE that can restore CU like this!!! CU IS THE HOTTEST TEAM IN THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW!!!! AMAZING

    • Caribbean Queen says:

      You guys deserve this. Congratulations

    • Wash Redskin says:

      @Raymond Nicolas massive difference between the Blue Hens and the Buffs. The Blue Hens play in basically a high school stadium- that dump off of 95 just after the Maryland line. . I’ve been there. I was recruited there back in the late 80’s. Good ole’ Tubby Raymond and his boring ass wing t offense. lol. Then you have Folsom Field, which is about as beautiful a college football stadium-setting you will ever see. Colorado was a major football power back in the day. People care about it and it means something to the fan base. Colorado is a sleeping giant. It’s good to see that program getting back to being on the national stage, so folks get emotional about it. I get it.

  7. Fredrick Ashton says:

    Deion Sanders is Special! He’s a Master Motivater!

    • Tyler O'Connor says:

      it doesnt hurt every player wants to play for you… not a thing any coach in the country can say…

    • cheryl6 smith-mcinnis says:


    • Elston Newsom says:

      Believe it or not, Deion has a “servant” mentality….he believes he was lead by God to be a leader of men. That’s why Sean Lewis, Kelly and others are following him and betting their coaching careers on Prime, some were head coaches. When you eat a good meal do you thank the fork even though it gets the food to your mouth? No, because its just a utensil. Prime sees himself as a utensil to be used by these young men to become better men, fathers, players, and for some NFL prospects….that’s somthing very unique about him, and players will run through walls for him… He will continue surprise everyone but himself and his players, because they believe

  8. The BamaTech Guy says:

    The Buffs got a big win but I saw 2 big issues the Dline and the running game…what impressed me the most was that O line these kids haven’t had the luxury of spending a whole offseason together…they were outstanding and Travis Hunter is the truth

  9. bd bd says:

    I was surprised the spread was so much, last year 100% this year. Maybe a touchdown. TCU lost a lot talent and Colorado gained a lot and got rid of a lot of bad talent. People who do the spread rely way too much on last year teams for early game spreads.

    • Vaughn G says:

      On top of the fact the Big 12 plays no defense. We’ll see how this pans out over the course of the season in the Pac 12.

    • qwerty112311 says:

      the line was like Deion came in and took over a 1-11 team without the transfer portal. This wasn’t a 1-11 team. This was an expansion team. The link to the 1-11 team is a few studs and the same logo. Nothing more.

    • reelgriot says:

      TCU actually gained some top tier talent too. Probably better than the talent they lost. Do your research. TCU’s QB & RB are actually better than last season’s. They will go on to win a lot of games, and then ppl like u will say the CU lost was just a fluke. Lol.

    • bd bd says:

      @reelgriot also you can’t go, oh they got back up Alabama guys and assume they are better than last year.

  10. EnjoyingEverydayBeautiful says:

    I love Josh’s Honest take. It’s quite refreshing! Great commentary!

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