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Written by Tom Cardy
performed by Tom Cardy

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39 Responses

  1. CaptainLain says:

    Gotta give a round of applause to Tom Cardy, honestly.

  2. Queen Bee says:

    Tom Cardy did such a wonderful job on the song. I love the “holy moly things are not looking good for fizzaroli” line.

  3. Rembreiker_Lychec says:

    That first “but WHAT’S THIS?!” scratches my brain just right. Tom Cardy killing it as per usual

  4. Frigentus says:

    “Holy moly, things are not looking good for Fizzarolli!” just scratches my brain the right way, that particular part is so damn catchy

  5. Jonathan Collins says:

    Tom Cardy knows how to write songs that just scratch the brain in the right spot. The tempo, his voice, *chef’s kiss*

  6. TimberBritt says:

    At first I didn’t immediately get why Mammon in this version is depicted as a clown instead of a business man or something. But then I remembered the iconic quote “Give them Bread and Circuses and they will never revolt.” I think this quote encapsulates this version of Mammon perfectly as his whole MO is that he intends to give his fans enough entertainment so that they don’t realize they’re being manipulated to buying his meaningless overpriced merchandise and products. And it’s how he manipulates people like Fizz, have them so focused on keeping the fans entertained that they don’t realize Mammon is draining their lives and leaving them nothing. And fittingly the episode ends with Fizz realizing this and decides to revolt.

    • KBRoller says:

      I mean, yes, but it’s also more simple than that. Entertainment sells, and Mammon will do whatever sells.

    • Heltaku says:

      One of the main themes of Vivzie’s Hell is that it’s a circus. Each of the 7 deadly Sins represent an act and Lucifer is the ringmaster.

    • MrKhamul93 says:

      Well that is more focused on enterainment over all. he is a clown here, because all sins are based a circus. he represents the clown s (and at the same time spider//parasites) for example satan probably represents the strong mans, bee represents animal shows etc
      lucifer is the director of the whole thing

    • TSuper says:

      copied comment, you’re not smart broski😂

  7. Beast Carleeto says:

    “You can hear the crowd not give a shit coz the twins are here”
    Love that line

  8. Jonathan Rhodes says:

    I thought Tom Cardy did an amazing job singing for the episode. His use in lyrics were incredible and creative.

    “Also, they’re on fire. That’s points for style.” was a great line.

  9. Jonathan Collins says:

    I’mma say it. Between their song and the acts shown here, the twins aren’t clowns. They’re more like show-girls, not funny entertainers.

    • AceJascent says:

      The pie gag was probably gonna be their joke gag for the show, but yknow, fizz stole it

    • Kay Boy says:

      exactly, theyre more theater actual showmanship than the clown itself.

    • blakereed92 says:

      Nah, the way they were swaying their hips and approaching each other? They were gonna go for sexy.

    • BinkyBoptins says:

      you forgot theyre a contrast to fizz’s character, they want to take his place for the fame and money

    • breakerbeam says:

      i’m pretty sure it’s because they’re trying their best to win over mammon; at this point, the competition is more to see which contestant is the most marketable with a coat of clown paint slapped over it. they want to win over mammon by having sex appeal

  10. MsTheCommentator says:

    The fact that he wrote and produced the song as well makes him the 🐐, hope to see him in future episodes

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