STRANDED! Will This Old Truck Bought Sight Unseen RUN AND DRIVE 250 Miles Home?

STRANDED! Will This Old Truck Bought Sight Unseen RUN AND DRIVE 250 Miles Home?

My Lumberghini blew up on me, leaving me stranded in North Eastern TN. I bought an old truck off the line sight unseen that was last registered for the road 37 years ago, and plan on driving it home 250 miles!


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PO BOX 2088
Lewisburg, TN

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27 Responses

  1. @gardellaj05 says:

    Shout out to all the fellas that helped him with getting tires, a trailer, and helping him get the Lumborghini off the side of the road. It’s so nice to hear about strangers helping strangers like that!

  2. @TreySlayPlay23 says:

    We could all learn a lot from this man. Not only mechanical ability but the aptitude to find the silver lining in every bad situation. We’ve seen him in

    • @stinkasscat says:

      I gotta agree, a feller seems to have an upbeat attitude no matter what is happening. The world is a much better place with Derek in it.

    • @davidgalea6113 says:

      ​@@stinkasscatI think most gearheads would be pretty upbeat to do what he does for a living..most of us can only make a hobby out of it.

    • @Halliday7895 says:

      it helps when drama equals clicks and clicks equals money…haha failures make for TV drama…with all the youtube channels and TV show and all ….the things that would upset the average guy are just a fun challenge and opportunity for Derek to shine on camera. I bet he’s frustrated off camera when his back and legs ache and he has to drive a lumpy mouse trap another 96 miles in the rain at 3 am.

    • @happyjohn8256 says:

      @@Halliday7895 I think there was a reason why he wanted the quietist muffler built on that Chevy pickup. He had had enough! I bet this is fun for us to see…not so fun to do every single day with enthusiasm and flair.

    • @stinkasscat says:

      @@davidgalea6113 I agree for the most part but he’s an average kind of guy from all the videos I’ve seen, so it’s possible for anyone to do it. I’m sure at one time he was holding down a job and spending all his off time doing it before it became successful.

  3. @blainehalley2201 says:

    Thank you Derek and all the fellers who worked on this truck along the way and the filmers. You bring me such joy this holiday pre New Years day. God bless you all.

  4. @Rs_ArGoX2170 says:

    Always a good day when VGG takes us on a roadtrip

  5. @ronalddavis439 says:

    It’s good to see nice people still helping a feller. I’d love to have that old Chevy 3/4 ton. My dad had one with a six cylinder back in the 70s. The top speed was 55, also. Ha ha, keep videos coming. Love your channel.

  6. @billbeiser7772 says:

    Ylou know, we just got done getting ready for the busiest holiday of the year, and when the kids and grands went home, we were exhausted. It occurred to me that Derek lives that kind of pace year around. Mad respect for the man and his family, and we are all grateful for this amazing content and entertainment. Happy new year to the Bieri family and wishing you safe travels and continued success!

  7. @LifeisGood762 says:

    Step side long bed? I didn’t even know those existed until this. Plus with the other factory deletes this is pretty cool. The man knew exactly what he wanted and he would accept no substitutes.

    • @daver6564 says:

      Same here, don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

    • @JeffKopis says:

      And he was probably a Scotsman! 😂 “Thrifty”, ya know.

    • @Texassince1836 says:

      Offered all the way to 1987. We swapped one onto my grandfathers 77c10 a few years back

    • @tomf9928 says:

      heck yea in tech school the state of CT would dropp one at every trade shool and put a plow on it for winter parking lot duty

    • @JCWren says:

      I’ve got a ’70 step-side long bed C10, inline 6 with Sniper EFI, lump port kit, 1.95/1.60 valves, long tube headers, three on the tree, and not a speck of rust on it. The exhaust is turned out in front of the left rear wheel, and it’s LOUD. It’s not cool loud, it’s obnoxious loud. Sounds nice when it’s idling, but you get it up to 2000 RPM and it drones and you need earplugs. I really need to get around to fixing that. It needs a new speaker for the AM radio to make it complete, and a bit more aggressive cam to take advantage of the lump kit and oversize valves.

  8. @dandevere5736 says:

    To all the fella’s who helped Derek, good on ya! In spite of all the craziness we see in America, country folks are the best, friendly and helpful. Bless you all!
    Seen my share of floor shift conversions, even done 20 or so over the last 60 years but this one takes the cake! How did he even figure out how to hook up the most complicated 3 speed shifter I’ve ever seen? Ingenuity I guess. Good luck getting it home Derek!

  9. @jimjacobson8758 says:

    Did a few road-trips in my younger days but now that I’m almost 73 I have to do it vicariously through you Derek! Been watching you for a number of years & always look forward to live the next drive with you. Keep it up brother, I need the next fix!

    • @johngersna3263 says:

      Me, also being 73 years old was lucky enough to make a trip last year with my son across country in a “63” Ford Falcon Convertible. I knew at the time that it would most likely be our last adventure like that. But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. God bless and have a healthy and Happy New Year. 👍

  10. @Kickinpony66 says:

    There’s all sorts of stuff this truck needs. It’ll make for a good series of videos.

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