MADDEN NFL 24 GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK | Josh Allen vs Patrick Mahomes | Bills vs Chiefs

MADDEN NFL 24 GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK | Josh Allen vs Patrick Mahomes | Bills vs Chiefs

Exclusive first look at Madden ’24 gameplay, featuring Madden pros @Dezz805 and @CleffTheGod.

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38 Responses

  1. Mike's Gaming School says:

    The defense doesn’t look OP but it actually feels rewarding when you are there to make a play, actually making the play. The Offense just can’t throw high every play and get away with it.

    • TK Shakur says:

      Played the Beta and unless the tweaked the defense it’s actually not as OP as it seems but I definitely feel what you’re saying from this gameplay footage

  2. Magic dimes says:

    Looks little different from madden 23 but nothing crazy hopefully they fixed franchise mode 💯

  3. Chris Lavalle says:

    I just want legend’s teams back in the games give me the 2000’s Raven give me 07-08 patriot & Giants .

  4. Lion Heart says:

    2k definitely needs to adopt the NFL

  5. CHUNK says:

    You know it’s bad when we’re excited that the o line is actually doing the only job they have… block.

  6. FlyerzHD says:

    The celebrations look much more realistic. It’s the little things like that that can really add up and make the game much better.

  7. X // cereal says:

    Biggest takeaways
    -Zones improved
    -Scrambling is back
    -High ball is a liability
    -Blocking improved
    -RAC animations are back
    -Need a mobile qb or shed defense is op

    • Tucker Jerbs says:

      Lamar’s gonna be cracked with slinger 3

    • Virkon says:

      idt zones even improved that much but it’s the fact that DBs are just more aware and react more to the ball passing by them which is good

    • NATTY says:

      High ball was already a liability. It got thrown way over their head and picked every time for me.

    • Beatztronic Dynamics says:

      And the gameplay is just such trash for anyone who has actually played American Football. Games much better 20 years ago.

  8. Szn says:

    Jet sweeps actually looking functional

  9. SoZKillA says:

    Goes for it on the 25 yardline on 4th and 10 under 25 seconds… Madden players never cease to amaze me

    • Devon James says:

      You have 4 downs to get a first down though 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Kevin Simkins says:

      I’m telling you they think it’s smart but it’s horrible football. People don’t know what a punt is.

    • SoZKillA says:

      @Devon James what a casual answer

    • Devon James says:

      @SoZKillA it’s the truth son like I believe in my ability to make a play so if someone wants to make my job easier it’s no sweat off my back lol honestly I welcome it I don’t have to punt on 4th down on my side of the field just like you don’t have to kick a field in field go range
      As long as you can deal with the backlash and consequence that comes with not converting on 4th down play the game how you see fit

    • Devon James says:

      @SoZKillA it’s also an exhibition game they’re show casing the game you want them to punt the football?? Come on lol

  10. Elevate says:

    I’m one of the guys extremely disappointed in the reduction of playbooks, especially on defense. Over the years they’ve taken out things like 4 Lock Palms, Dog Meg (Nickel Double A Gap), they no longer have the entire match qtrs family in the nickel packages other than big nickel and many more. There are so many iterations to middle field open cover 7 match qtrs that you’d think they’d continue to build on that. Instead they decide to take out certain versions and also limit the amount of the stock versions we have (which becomes a problem in online franchises because of play cooldown). I don’t understand why.

    Not everybody runs the BS stuff they abuse on MUT. In our Franchise leagues we like to play realistic ball to the best of our ability, not glitch the game like these guys try to do. Build on coverages. Add to it. instead of taking away. Add switch, stump, cone, 2 read, bracket, cover 5, 1 robber switch, 3 match that actually has rules and checks to the trips side, 3 site, and so much more. At the very least, add the entire match qtrs family that you have to offer to more than 1 or 2 formations (qtrs, palms, cov 6, cov 9) You guys scratch the surface then go backwards. Let’s move forward please. Add more plays on defense regarding match and bracket coverages.

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