Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode

Making Our NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode

Matt Meagher, the Buccaneers Rookie, looks to dominate the league in his NFL Debut. He’s a low overall and a 2nd round pick, but he has a lot to prove in Superstar Mode. Let’s go OFF and hopefully bag some sideline baddies like the NFL Jordan Poole.

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13 Responses

  1. SweepSwap says:

    some advice: don’t hold the turbo button when you juke, you get a way better animation when juking when not sprinting

  2. GoodGuyNani says:

    Please keep ‘em coming

  3. Brody Sullivan says:

    Please do one of these everyday they’re so good. Keep up tue good work.

  4. Jon Snow says:

    This series is awesome. Keep it up pleaseeeeeee matt

  5. Teddy Foster says:

    I love this series

  6. gtr32 says:

    Loveeee that you’re playing all the different game modes on madden 24 papa keep up the great work ❤

  7. TheVideoGameScrub says:

    I could watch hours of this man

  8. Eddieavina123 says:

    Love your video, MMG, and keep up the great work

  9. Teddy Ruhoff says:

    Keep up the great work

  10. Wild24spartan says:

    Try the single back stretch to the weak side. It works really great for me.

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