Thank You, Tom Brady Halftime Retirement Ceremony

Thank You, Tom Brady Halftime Retirement Ceremony

Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is recognized at Gillette Stadium at halftime of the 2023 home opener the Philadelphia Eagles. Patriots Chariman and CEO Robert Kraft speaks to the crowd about what Brady means to the organization and New England. Brady goes on to talk about his time in Foxborough and what it meant to his career. He will be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in the summer of 2024.

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38 Responses

  1. mark Man says:

    The NFL will never be the same without Tom Brady. Tom Brady Thanks for everything you did for The Patriots and Buccaneers and The NFL.

  2. gr8fuldad81 says:

    What a special run we got to witness as Patriots fans. Every game was must see TV for 21 years.

  3. MacLeod559 says:

    My all time favorite football player and I’m a diehard Titans fan! I’m grateful I got to watch the GOAT make history.

    • LIL LEAN says:

      We need Brady back tbh don’t no why he got so much hate… his wr were dropping open passes and defense sold honestly I believe he could bring us one this year he dead as almost got Tampa 2.. people forget the bucks was one pass away from going to superbowl but lost to the rams..

    • Brandon Cabezas says:

      ​@LIL LEAN, even if they beat the Rams that game that you’re speaking of, they’d still have to play the 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

    • DcyphR says:

      ​@LIL LEANyupp

    • Cristian Gomez says:

      ​@Brandon Cabezastbh the 49ers team wasn’t beating the bucs now if u tell me it was the 49ers team of last year then idk that offense was nasty but that Jimmy g offense wouldn’t really out up points against brady and co tbh

    • LIL LEAN says:

      @Cristian Gomez and that’s what we all wanted a Brady vs jimmy g match up

  4. Debbie Bright says:

    Football will never be as exciting without Tom Brady on the field. We love you TB12 the 🐐

  5. MyDreaminOrbit says:

    Tom Brady proved everyone wrong, all the teams that passed on him on draft night, the deflate gate nut jobs, the couldn’t win without BB talking heads, and the can’t play past 40 folks. What an amazing career, 20 years of winning football in NE. Tom deserves all the recognition and celebration.

    • RickySpanish says:

      I wish being from Boston we would have passed on him too…. I don’t even count any championship that we won with Tom Brady a championship so as of right now the Patriots have zero.. I’m proud to say that we have zero championships more than we have six championships!!!
      Can’t stand this guy..

    • TheOnlyGoodOneHere says:

      @RickySpanish why do you hate him?

    • MyDreaminOrbit says:

      @RickySpanish you are weird

  6. Ed Zachary says:

    The GOAT without a doubt, thanks for 20 years of incredible memories. God Bless you

  7. Sandra Victor says:


  8. Armando Albano says:

    I am from New England ( Portland Maine ) I have been a Patriots Fan since 1970!!! And For 53 Years these guys will ALWAYS be my TEAM!!!
    GOD bless you Tom!!! You make me PROUD to be a PATRIOTS FAN!!!!

  9. Phoenix Productions says:

    As a die hard Bucs fan. Brady was my childhood hero growing up. I rooted for Brady every year breaking down film on all his games. Brady will always be a Patriot for life. To see my favorite player go to my favorite team in Tampa & win a Super Bowl was a dream come true. Brady has changed my life helping my life in a positive way!

  10. Lance Dowdell says:

    Thank you, Tom. Greatest talent to ever play the game in any capacity. Absolute legend

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