Mortal Kombat 1: The First 17 Minutes of Gameplay

Mortal Kombat 1: The First 17 Minutes of Gameplay

It has begun! Check out the first 17 minutes of Mortal Kombat 1’s story mode gameplay. Note that there are some spoilers in the prologue that set the stage for the rest of the story.

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30 Responses

  1. MellowDarkflower says:

    Now see, these are peak cutscenes. There’s actual relationships being shown, the extras are actual human beings, a mix of serious, humourous, and wholesome moments, and the colors!

  2. Contagion49 says:

    This looks fantastic. Character models, physics, animations, and story elements are all top notch. Can’t wait to play this

    • Guido Pasquetto says:

      Story elements? So bringing back the worst villain in MK history is top notch? You sound ridiculous

    • J l says:

      @Guido Pasquettoyou don’t even know the context.

    • Guido Pasquetto says:

      @J l don’t have to. Her presence alone confirms the story leaning into the time travel aspect again. That ruined mk11 because it doesn’t make sense. The fans asked for Onaga, we got freaking Kronika

    • J l says:

      @Guido Pasquetto Hiw do you know onaga isn’t in the game? Onaga has a stage, and his undead army is seen fighting scorpion in the Lin kuei trailer. Stop assuming things

  3. John Mushitu says:

    I’m loving the way they are developing the characters, feels organic and refreshing. The fighting styles are more grounded as well.

  4. tyrus kelebon says:

    That’s it I’m officially overly stoked about this game. Literally waiting any more for it is killing me. Cannot wait to play this master piece.

  5. Games for Fun says:

    A new thing that adds to the presentation to the story mode, they added mid round taunts that are story specific. A nice touch

  6. Atharva says:

    The retro atmosphere with amazing graphics never dissappoint me

  7. Yusis says:

    So far my first impressions, for the story at least, are very positive!

    The cinematics are absolutely beautiful and the characters are acted out wonderfully. It’s especially nice seeing Raiden and Kung Lao getting along and having some down-to-earth moments.

    Really wish we could get a full-length movie animated in this style.

  8. Harry Vince! says:

    These graphics are painfully amazing. They animated the tear based gloss of the characters eyes with ridiculous detail. This cinematic is complete flex by NS. Hold this W!

  9. Sherbet_Bomb says:

    The storytelling and changes to the reality are so far interesting.

  10. Ore, Ore says:

    Haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but Madam Bo is actually TECHNICALLY a returning character as well. In previous timelines, Liu Kang and Kung Lao were trained by Bo’ Rai Cho, and now Raiden and Kung Lao were trained by Madam Bo. It’s a nice little nod.

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