MURDER DRONES – Episode 5: Home

MURDER DRONES – Episode 5: Home

You can now WEAR N’S HAT ►

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  1. GLITCH says:

    You can now s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ wear N’s hat ►
    All sources of funding go towards the production of Murder Drones episodes ❤️ 🙂

    An absolutely L O R E packed episode. Things are slowly starting to come together 😈 🔪

  2. The_Cosmic_Corgi says:

    I honestly thought that Tessa would be more sinister, so it’s nice to she see how much she cares about the worker drones.

  3. Likou5 says:

    let’s be honest, none of us could have expected how well episode 5 was going to be made.

  4. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    On the VHS, that software cleanup program has the same progress indicator as the “virus” J injected into N back in the Pilot. She literally gave him a brain cell remover, and JC Jenson programed it to “be fun for them” which is why he was smiling and laughing when it was almost finished. That is royally messed up.
    Speaking of which, God, Tessa’s parents sucked. Although I do like the Detail of N being chained up while birds peck at him, very similar to the Greek god Prometheus’ fate. Poor N, just trying to protect his sister.

  5. anastasia says:

    One of the things I wonder after this episode is how Cyn became the way she is. Was she broken? She clearly seemed fine in one of the teasers, right? Tessa also seemed upset when she saw Cyn with N, but they must’ve had a good relationship before since Cyn looks EXACTLY like Tessa does (the bow, the hair). I doubt she would dress up a drone in a way to resemble herself if there wasn’t some connection going on. They even had a picture on the wall of themselves together in a teaser image, where the DRONE was the one sitting on the fancy chair while the human, the master, was standing.

    • Saif M says:

      She is the abolsute solver itself and she was not made by Tessa apparently

    • Bl4ckh34rts says:

      Maybe Cyn was originally made by Tessa and something happened where she got chosen as the host for absolute solver? It would explain why Tessa no longer likes her and locks her up

  6. Majial The Dark Prince says:

    Who else finds Uzi as a crow extremely funny cause it matches her personality and some of her screaming so well, especially when she yelled at her dad to get out of her room.

  7. Devil Nick says:

    I’m quite interested in how Tessa will react to seeing N and J after a long time in the next episode.

  8. BananaSauz says:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to find Tessa to be as entertaining as she is in this episode. It’s cute how she seems to genuinely care for all of the butler drones.

  9. Samantha Laurier says:

    With every new episode I just get more and more confused
    At this point I’m just waiting on MatPat to pick this up and explain things

    • Wonderland 905 says:

      glad to know i’m not the only one who hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

    • Samantha Laurier says:

      @Wonderland 905 No I got lost a few episodes ago. As soon as that funky triangle showed up I just started getting more baffled. Is that thing ever going to be explained?

    • Todaru says:

      @Samantha Laurier what funky triangle? The absolute solver?

    • Samantha Laurier says:

      @Todaru No idea what it’s called. The magic pschokinesis one that replaces eyes

    • Todaru says:

      @Samantha Laurier I could try to explain of what I think it is. I’ll make it short as possible.

      The absolute solver is something that actives in a drone made by Tessa. It is a program that will open itself, even if host is ded.
      For Drones that hunt workers, it will revive them so they can continue to kill off the workers.
      However I think this program was never supposed to get into possession of a worker drone as it does not have the same effect. Since worker drones aren’t supposed to have it, but after watching a video they were able to get it.
      (This is a theory, but just to give you an idea and better example of the Absolute solver I wrote dissss )

  10. Fixo says:

    Let’s be honest, we didn’t expect J to be such an loyal and very good fighter lmfao

    • TheBlackDragonKnight says:

      To be fair at this point J is still just a worker drone armed with a sword against a zombie drone V at best she could only hold her off. Also while J did say she wouldn’t let Tessa out due to corperate orders you can tell in the tone it’s less enthuisatic then how she would usually act indicating she will follow orders that hinder Tessa, she just won’t like it.

    • Gabriel Chan says:

      I did. Or at least I wasn’t surprised by it. We know she’s capable of fighting after episode 1 so I don’t think it’s implausible that she would be capable in the past too. Also J is very by the book, going as far as to restrain herself from killing N because of company orders despite considering him to be a massive liability. And in episode 2 and 3, J considers Tessa to be her superior. Given all that, I could imagine J being this capable and behaving in this manner.

    • Fixo says:

      @Gabriel Chan Thing is, many in the community disagree, the context u gave me through the paragraph, is exactly the one i gave the community as well. Got no idea why

    • Fixo says:

      @TheBlackDragonKnight First, it looked like she had to play along, and second it’s still impressive to see her being able to hold her off like that for a worker drone without the perks and buffs she later receives.

    • Mariuigi Khed - I PixelGamers says:

      If the J from episode 1 WAS J to begin with…

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