Nate Diaz reacts to Khamzat Chimaev missing weight and fighting Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 | ESPN MMA

Nate Diaz reacts to Khamzat Chimaev missing weight and fighting Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 | ESPN MMA

Nate Diaz speaks with Megan Olivi about Khamzat Chimaev missing weight for their UFC 279 fight which has now been scrapped with Diaz now taking on Tony Ferguson.

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39 Responses

  1. Technique says:

    Nate has the greatest warrior’s heart. Gonna miss this guy when he’s gone but can’t wait to see what he’ll do after.

  2. Lesane Crookz says:

    Nate: “Na I figured that was what they’d do” also Nate: “I didn’t figure anything” 💀💀💀💀

  3. The Fat Funker says:

    Don’t know what he says half the time but this dude is a living legend. Same with Tony. Respect to both warriors. It’s been a privilege to watch you bleed for our entertainment.

  4. thekid12203 says:

    “I don’t train for fights, I train to fight” is a great quote. If you change up what you do best to account for what someone else does best, you’re generally not going to do your best.

  5. donovan schoor says:

    “If you can’t show up to the war you lose the war” – Nate Diaz

    • Find Out says:

      @Francisco Silva Nate literally said I don’t wanna fight khabib because he will take me to the ground and pound me there’s a difference between weight issues and being scared

    • Ronnie P says:

      @ms&mrreckoning You Kumshot Klowns are hilarious…

    • ms&mrreckoning says:

      Yeah all rigged to get more ppv

      Khamzats smiling bro

      At least Dana is taking care of khamzat I don’t care whatever money moves their making the fans believe to be true when it’s all a facade to get more PPV

      Khamzat and nate are the top 2 most popular fighters bro…. khamzats obv gonna maul him……. it was fishy from the start

      Mma is just smart making money moves

      If you look at the stats with khamzat and Kevin they’re identical

      MMA are the money geniuses to make the people nate nate and khamzat would fight lol


      less than a day baby lets go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      its obvious MMA just wanted to make money off khamzat and nate leaving….. they make nate fight someone smaller than khamzat then they match someone almost identical to khamzat’s stats

      so obvious but everyone believes in the media

      khamzat’s gonna take the belt faster than anyone in MMA AND UFC KING KHAMZAT

      only times a ticking tick TOCK <3

  6. ItsMe says:

    “I figured it out, I didn’t figure anything it just happened”. Nate is a boss, arguing with himself during an interview. Always fighting, even his own thoughts. Absolute Legend 💯

  7. Jack says:

    I love that Nate said “1 and 0” in reference to beating Chimaev mentally, such a G😂😂😂

  8. TALON says:

    I get Nate 100% – I’m glad everything worked out like this last minute. It was always meant to be this way. Sometimes time just makes us the last to find out. Looking forward to the battle between legends Nate and Tony.

  9. Gustavo Marin says:

    What I love about Nate is that when he says he’ll fight someone on the spot he’s not playing 😂

  10. Bill14886 says:

    Gotta love Nate. Made something of himself and will continue to shine ✨️ . Much respect. Finish with a Win tonight. 🏆

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