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The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Brooklyn Nets, 129-126. Rui Hachimura led the way with 19 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 assist for the Lakers in the victory, while Austin Reaves added 18 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists. Cam Thomas recorded 26 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists for the Nets. The Lakers improve to 1-1 in the preseason, while the Nets fall to 0-1.

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45 Responses

  1. Parker Animations says:

    Bruh that ending was insane. We actually shooting 3s and have depth. 😭🙏🏾

  2. Cameron Schmit says:

    Felt like a real game. Gonna be a fun season

  3. chess monkey says:

    It’s so nice to see ben playing so confidently! He’s definitely improved since last season!

    • sweetparvardi says:

      Ben’s clearly about a THOUSAND percent physically healthier than he was last year, so that’s got to be just a really major contributor to the recent iron-clad confidence ! 👍🏀😄

    • Brice Whelan says:

      He definitely has less pressure on him this year without kyrie and kd there. Nets lowkey stacked

    • Gurman Singh Jandu says:

      Let’s hope he continue being confident in the regular season also I am not a nets fan I just want Ben to succeed I am a raptors fan

    • Reno-San says:

      Wait til the season starts 😂

  4. flintlights says:

    Even though it’s a pre-season game, they all played their heart out! Let’s go Nets!

    • Teyae Talkin' says:

      🙏🙏Blessings forever GOD loves y’all too forever tell everyone you know and don’t know. Jesus loves y’all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too forevere

    • ItzTED says:

      And still lost let’s go Lakers. #Lakeshow

  5. Charley King says:

    It was nice to see Simmons attacking the basket early on. He’s got all the talent he needs to be in the league; he just needs to keep his confidence up and put it the work to keep improving. Also, the Lakers look freaking STACKED this year

    • Some random patriots fan says:

      We should be better after rehabbing from back injury

    • averageproblem says:

      Now all he needs is a jumpshot

    • Some random patriots fan says:

      @averageproblem he attempted one but it was bad, I don’t think that will happen. He’s already a decent player without one though

    • averageproblem says:

      @Some random patriots fan I know, even if he isn’t an all star as long as he stays a positive in the locker room and builds confidence he can easily be a key role or starter in a team for some much needed defense, but he could take his game to the next level with a jumpshot. At this point I’m just asking for a mid range cause I know he’s dead set on not working on his 3s

    • Gerald Cardenas says:

      He was an all star without a jump shot. He just needs to play his style . Attack, rebound , play defense

  6. Alex Amerling says:

    We have so much depth now, it’s insane. I think Rui could make a run for most improved player this year and I’m really excited about Maxwell Lewis’s long term potential. Go Lake show!

    • Jeremy Jones says:


    • LeUltraInstinct says:

      absolutely. we have so much depth. it was great seeing our bench players outplay wardell and the warriors big 3 in every pivotal game last playoffs series and send them to Cancun early. It’s only pre season and every team is trembling in fear. losing to the nuggets means absolutely nothing compared to how bright our future is. i can say this year is ours.

    • nassi glutt says:

      ​@LeUltraInstinctrefs sent gs to cancun🤓 hats off to walker tho

    • Luvo Daniso says:

      @Jeremy Jones😂😂😂

  7. Briyan Alvarez says:

    Both teams played really good, great game 💯 Lets Go Lakers

  8. The Xiao Long Bao Kid says:

    Great to see Ben Simmons played better. Hoping he sustains it the whole 82.

    • DemonReacts says:

      Honestly, after what Simmons pulled in Philly and how he out right stopped trying in his first year in Brooklyn, im not sure if he deserves to be in the rotation

    • Kwame Brown says:

      Preseason Simmons is a beast

    • LAShades 🕶️🌴 says:

      @DemonReactsnobody cares

    • The Xiao Long Bao Kid says:

      @DemonReacts man, let’s just wish him atleast, better. We all have flaws and shit.. and we’re not being judged everyday for it, ain’t we? Let’s just hope that Ben plays better this season.. and atleast be productive to this team.

  9. LBJ23 says:

    Everybody talking about everyone but D Russell. He was the best player on the court tonight and hs been ballin these first 2 games. Im glad Lakers kept him

  10. David Fiallos says:

    Cam Thomas is the future of the nets. Cam has serious potential to be great. Mark my words.

    • Pool says:

      yeah but the problem is the dude can’t pass nor defend. he’s prob like 6MOTY at best which is still really good

    • foeeva fried says:

      Been sayin he nice since lsu he gotta a lil mentality that’s crazy

    • Vince .Truong says:

      jacque vaughn disagrees ):

    • Sac12 says:

      He tries too hard to play and have the same attitude as Kobe its almost cringe Jayson tatum tried that failed and got humbled hopefully this loss will do the same to cam Thomas because he’s way too mediocre to behave that way. Just being honest 🤷‍♂️

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