North Carolina vs. Duke – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

North Carolina vs. Duke – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

North Carolina defeated their bitter rival Duke to win the first-ever NCAA tournament matchup between the two storied programs. The game is expected to be the final in the illustrious career of Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Watch the highlights from North Carolina’s Final Four victory here.

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47 Responses

  1. Linsanityisreal says:

    Couldn’t have asked for a better final four game. One of the greatest of all time for sure, with all of the storylines and such.

  2. Dante says:

    Crazy game. This one is going down in the history books.

    • Aset Kemet says:

      Now we know why they don’t hire Black coaches

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Michael Farkas how can you tell fans of both teams who look forward to this rivalry that what they witnessed Saturday night was not basketball being played at its finest.The pressure that was on these players from both sides and know team folded until under a minute left in the game.A game Carolina couldn’t stand to go into overtime with Mando fouling out and Davis having 4 fouls himself. 4 fouls limits a players effectiveness on both sides of the ball and he most definitely can’t play defense so for Carolina to win in regulation escaping OT is a point missed by people that don’t know the game.Duke wins in OT that’s another reason this game lived up to the hype because coach Davis and his assistants knew this and they coached them through it and did we forget the play of Johnson in relief of Mando for that brief period when he went out for that injury, Johnson made both free throws after coming in the game ice cold, pressure moments that’s why after the game his big brother told him he was proud of him.Evidently your team was home witnessing also

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Landon P awesome break down of the clown thanx

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Lemon King well why are you even reading comments about a boring game go watch people kick a ball around for 90 minutes and the final score if you lucky a goal is scored would be 1-0 so exciting, now that would put me to sleep

  3. Emile Constance says:

    This was the most monumental game in UNC/DUKE history–first meeting ever in NCAA tournament, and coach K’s final game! Congrats to UNC!

    • Eric F. says:

      @Jaguo First off, Duke is not a “State” school – it’s a private university, and as such only those who are connected and can afford it are allowed to enter – except after being put on the spot for their lack of diversity (which they at first resisted, and much later than State Unis). Second, there’s absolutely no way that that one school is as diverse as the University of NC School System as a whole – including UNC, NC State, UNC-W, East Carolina, UNC-G, UNC-P, UNC-A, NCCU, NC A&T, Shaw U, and many others across NC. No way…

    • Jaguo says:

      @Eric F. do you still live in the 80s? listen old head Duke’s student population is more diverse than any state school. Maybe what ur saying was true when u were growing up but times have changed buddy

    • D Miller says:

      @L A Really? What was it that he did that we don’t know? Do share.
      He always seemed scheisty asf to me. Something just did not sit right. Just can’t put a finger on it.

  4. ksev says:

    One of the best college basketball game I’ve ever watched. Tarheels handed Coach K his first lost as Duke’s head coach, handed him his last Duke’s home game lost and his last NCAA game. I’ll miss this guy tho.

    • Lotta Gwala says:

      lemme get 3 minutes cuh ? Search Jay Pop Like My Daughter!

    • D Miller says:

      Thank you. Sometimes sifting through these replies can me like a maze.

    • howardwillow says:

      @D Miller  I don’t think he was talking to you.

    • D Miller says:

      @Arsenio’s ESL Podcast I’m sorry I believe you are in the wrong thread. The No One Gives a flying eff is 3 doors down. Thank you. Always glad to help. Thanx

    • D Miller says:

      @Mongo Slade Try and keep up. I know it’s very difficult for you to hold 2 concepts in your head at the same time. Given that you more than likely have no idea what an analogy is. Good for your public education. Have fun doing your manual job. Ha.

  5. Napkin Nathaniel says:

    This was one of the best games of all time. Couldn’t have asked for a better game.

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Michael Farkas the only thing that matters to Tarheel fans was the final score and I myself could care less if or not this game is viewed as the worst game in NCAA history because business isn’t finished

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Dante lol

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Joshua 38 so get off this page because most people commenting here love the games so I believe your opinion is in the minority. And to devalue your theory the first time these teams met this season Duke won by 20 so the refs clearly didn’t get the memo you claim the NCAA sent out nor did they get them when Carolina loss by 20 to Wake or Miami, so much for keeping ACC games close to keep the dollars rolling in, find a hobby

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Jeong Jin it didn’t have this story and this game exceeded the hype

  6. Que cash says:

    The best college basketball rivalry in history they sure lived up to the hype in this game!

  7. Sports311 says:

    This game has absolutely lived up to the hype right from the tip-off. Caleb Love made the shot of the tournament for North Carolina. Happy trails to one of the all time great coach in the history of sports, Mike Krzyzewski

  8. WildwoodClaire1 says:

    Fun fact for Tar Heels fans: by winning this game the Tar Heels prevented Coach Krzyzewski from retiring with a winning record against North Carolina.

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @WildwoodClaire1 he is absent of integrity, his record is important to him

    • One26 Musicgroup says:

      @Austin Pewitt 50-50

    • David DeMaria says:

      That was huge. I was on Duke in this game but what UNC did to them was unreal. Coach K gets a major fail for allowing UNC to do this to him twice in a month. Absolutely unconscionable

    • Timothy Wilmot says:

      @Austin Pewitt Duke was 50-50 in the Coach K era. He retroactively got 2 losses removed (thus being 50-48 “officially”) because he was out for a period due to health issues, but he was the head coach of that team and should be 50-50

    • Stormy Weather says:

      @Game Recapped “WE”??? What jersey # were YOU wearing?

  9. ChiefBlue4298 says:

    North Carolina continues to keep proving so many people wrong in this tournament

    • mrlafayette1964 says:

      @Joshua 38 The OBVIOUS difference is in basketball they’re succeeding and ARE proving everybody wrong.

    • Eater of RAM says:

      @Stevy Luv NOT AT ALL, Duke was getting all the help in the first half then the we got some help, I mean the calls on bacot and RJ were bs, and there was one time when bacot was getting absolutely caressed and they didn’t call anything

    • Cold Beer says:

      @Joshua 38 Duke football 3-9…Let’s stay on topic.

    • Cold Beer says:

      @Stevy Luv Foul count was 19 to 18, seems pretty close. UNC just shot better in all categories and out rebounded Duke. Maybe check the box score for the game?

  10. jaidnfnf asnbcc says:

    As a die hard UNC fan for my whole life. I’m still shook by this game. This group of kids has elevated into one of my favorite UNC teams ever and I can’t get enough. Hope they can get one more win and truly solidify themselves as one of the greatest Tarheel teams ever. GO HEELS.

    • Dionell Walker says:

      @Michael Farkas are you serious this game went back and forth and wasn’t decided until it was under 30 seconds remaining and for all the hype leading up to this game this game gave the audience everything and some and it wasn’t a disappointment compared to if it would have been a replay of the first meeting between these teams when Duke walked away with a 20 point win or the second meeting when Carolina won by double digits and I’m sure more basketball minds would agree with me

    • Michael Farkas says:

      @Lazy Blazer all you can do is repeat things the broadcasters told you in their game notes, you right it is a waste of time with people who can only repeat.

    • jaidnfnf asnbcc says:

      @Nugi Nugraha I said ONE of the greatest teams, not THE greatest.

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