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26 Responses

  1. QuarterJade says:

    never let john cook flan again

  2. FrozenFlames says:

    John: “I got you this blanket because you said you were cold”
    Michael: “cheeseballs”

  3. watchworthy says:

    The way everyone just turns to Brodin whenever something goes wrong is gold lmfao

  4. TimeBucks says:

    It’s really nice that John let his little brother cook with him

  5. Hawley_ 77 says:

    John and Jodi: Passive Aggressive Mess

    Michael and Lily: Great Chaos

  6. AssassinGamer5_ says:

    * *everything going wrong in the best most endearing way* *
    *Lily fucking nearly dies by a sudden wasabi*

    Michael: “Oh shit… I forgot to tell her”

  7. Cumboy says:

    I think it’s really nice that John let his little brother cook with him

  8. king romeo mojar says:

    Jade, Poki, Lily, and Sydeon: Having a chill time at Urth Cafe
    meanwhile at the house: Michael and John starting to go crazy

  9. Lord Noobus says:

    37:08 Jodi: *looks at the necklace Michael gave Lily* “Where’s my necklace?”
    Michael in the background: “So this is called Amongus Sussus – ”
    I really don’t think Jodi has room to complain here.

  10. Dimi says:

    You should give us a switched version, where Jody and Lily prepare a date to Jhon and Michael, that would be fun to see aswell

    • iJustSharted Clean Me says:

      @zeu xlaught just curious, but have you ever been in a functional romantic relationship? Because a healthy relationship is both sides giving their all to the relationship. Your idea of “romance” is twisted

    • dalabomba says:

      on the 14th March!

    • k a o i says:

      i mean…theres always white day! (white day is a day celebrated in Japan on March 14th where the girls are known to give chocolate to guys, whereas in Japan, Valentines day is used for the boys to give chocolate to girls)

    • Dominater Playz says:

      It would take too much time to edit two videos in a short amount of time. Unless you want this to happen next year… But one if the couples might break up

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