Ryan Garcia knocks down Javier Fortuna in THREE straight rounds πŸ”₯

Ryan Garcia knocks down Javier Fortuna in THREE straight rounds πŸ”₯

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30 Responses

  1. mdp_6877 says:

    His best performance so far, showed different dimensions to his game this fight, beast

    • Mark Davila says:

      He’s fighting a nobody

    • Malphas Mikaelson says:

      Last year people said Ryan Garcia was ducking Fortuna and now that he easily beat him, Fortuna is washed. Such losers man.

    • 1of1 says:

      @James Visetsin over 80% win rate on bets in the past year over 20 picks, picked bivol to beat canelo, picked usyk to beat joshua, i picked kambosos to beat lopez, picked haney to beat kambosos, picked lopez to beat lomachenko even tho loma was my favorite fighter. Yeah i am a β€œprofessional” at understanding what im seeing and picking fights πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ if you wanna learn im starting a boxing betting youtube channel soon, tune in to get some money boy

    • DjSektor23 says:

      @1of1 i agree his punch style got worse since he left canelos team. He throws the hook with his palm. He would get dropped by tank.

    • Magic says:

      Tank will knock out this clown Ryan (frijol)

  2. Da Tube says:

    Fortuna spitting his mouth piece out at the 8 count to buy him more time is a clever move haha

  3. David Martin says:

    Love the class he showed picking up his challenger and showing respect πŸ™ he’s a man’s man

  4. Ricky Murray says:

    You have to admit, he is an incredibly exciting fighter

  5. Shahnan Shafi says:

    That 3 piece knockdown in the end was beautiful.

    • Bxng World says:

      It was for sure my bro. On my channel, ive got the HD analysis/highlight video of Garcia vs Fortuna… CHECK IT OUT!

  6. cjhurc says:

    Yea, that jab was well thrown. This was an excellent performance by Ryan hope he can continue to grow and level up. Every shot he threw was crisp,fast and powerful like he had meaning in every throw.

  7. Mithun Nair says:

    Man that body shot was nasty, best body shots one of the best of this era

    • Samantha Wise says:

      Once you get hit in the liver/kidney in the early rounds and survive. There will be no more plans for the rest of the fight. The mind too busy thinking of the pain.

    • Mikey G says:

      I thought that Luke camble body shot was a fluke/lucky punch. But not anymore

  8. A.H. Fight Media says:

    Ryan still needs to work on some stuff, because with thank he can’t over extend and trade, it’s too risky. He needs to keep the fight on the outside and land single shots after feinting etc, but Ryan has that power

    • Bxng World says:

      He needs to work on his footwork more. On my channel, ive got the HD analysis/highlight video of Garcia vs Fortuna… CHECK IT OUT!

  9. Jet Hanma says:

    I didn’t even catch the first two hits at first, this guy is fast! πŸ”₯

  10. Lucy πŸ”₯𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 π‚π‘πšπ§π§πžπ₯ [𝐋!𝐯𝐞] says:

    He fought beautifully tonight. by far his best performance.

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