Selling my collection with Doug DeMuro as I begin saying goodbye to Hoovie’s Garage

Selling my collection with Doug DeMuro as I begin saying goodbye to Hoovie’s Garage

2 of my Cars & Bids listings are live now, and more coming in the next few weeks! Give them a click and show Daddy Doug some love!

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33 Responses

  1. Hoovies Garage says:

    Hope to find a new garage soon and thank you all so much for watching!

    • Ingress Wizard says:

      Man his wife must really be taking him to the cleaners. Sad day for Youtube

    • Vagabond Jay says:

      For people wondering why he needs a new garage, it’s probably divorce.
      Watch all of Tylers old vids. His ring is usually on his left hand on the ring finger.
      Even up to as far back as 7 weeks ago, it was there.
      The last few vids, it’s been gone.
      If you pay close attention, he even seems to have ghost syndrome, rubbing over finger
      where the ring was, just a little bit every now and again.

      Let this be a message for any guys thinking it’s a good idea to even bring a foreign woman to the US.
      Divorces in this country are still expensive.

      Poor Hoovie. All his work at maintaining the dumbest YT channel and she’s cashing in *smh*

    • James David Walley says:

      @I976 Scirocco For the record, Tyler has been married twice. His daughter is from his first marriage. And, while I don’t know any more about his second wife than he’s shown us here, he was involved with her for quite a while before they got married, during which time she was living in Wichita, so I assume she was already a U.S. resident. She certainly wasn’t a “mail-order bride,” as some here who seem to want to play into every negative stereotype about Asian women are implying.

    • Alec H says:

      Good luck. I will be waiting with bells on. I would offer my garage, but it is rather unimpressive with only my SUV and an old Studebaker, lol.

  2. Bubs says:

    You can see the heartbreak in his eyes. He’s broken you can tell. He needs and deserves all the love and success he can get. Hoovie is awesome, your channel may be the dumbest but in my book it’s the best on yt

  3. Jaybeem Hardscrote says:

    So Hoovie is not giving up the game? I really hope not, one of my favorite channels to watch!

  4. BBISHOPPCM's World says:

    Whatever the reason, you have a strong and loyal fanbase and have created SO MUCH watchable content over the past few years, I cannot personally thank you enough! Sometimes, our hobbies can be all-consuming and I’m glad I stopped at one car – a well-preserved ’94 Miata that – if push came to shove – is reliable enough to be put into daily driver service. I did once aspire to purchase a German luxury vehicle, and you’ve succeeded in squashing that dream forever, and I thank you for saving me all the frustration! Sending happy thoughts your way!

    • Blitz says:

      miata and b7 s4 owner here! i prefer dailying my audi because I feel like an albanian gangster driving to work everyday lol. cheers

  5. Elliott Alvis says:

    This is the closest I’ve ever been to being in a video with Doug.

  6. mutt2jeff says:

    Sorry Hoovie. I know this feels crushing right now and its hard to get in front of the camera and pretend things are ok. But you will get through this and with time, heal and be better than ever.

  7. Random Variable says:

    We’ll know that Hoovie has completely lost his mind if he ever sells his grandmother’s Mercedes 500SL.

  8. kangy3213 says:

    Damn Hoovie. All these car channels and you’ve been my favorite simply for being genuine and sticking to the formula… I’ve followed ever since you had the continental. Good luck in the future man I hope you don’t give up your happiness.

    • Sam Bone says:

      same, it’s weird to say, but life wouldn’t be the same without Hoovies Garage twice a week. Tyler is someone we can all related to.

  9. I Tee says:

    Keep your head up Hoovie. Whatever it is, it’s a speed bump and you’ll make it over. Thanks for the content, we all appreciate it.

  10. blue typhoon says:

    Best of luck hoovie. We are here behind you all the way. From broken audi r8 gifts to buying a warehouse. Car trek and airplane hangers. The OG 2002 bmw dream team. We will watch and be here. I hope you get yourself sorted and stay safe.

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