Stephen Thompson Explains Why He Pulled Out of UFC 291: ‘It Was Slap In Face’ | The MMA Hour

Stephen Thompson Explains Why He Pulled Out of UFC 291: ‘It Was Slap In Face’ | The MMA Hour

Stephen Thompson explains why he pulled out of his UFC 291 fight after his opponent missed weight, when he knew Michel Pereira was going to be overweight, has a message to his future opponents, the process of whether to take the fight or not, if he has gotten paid yet, when he wants to return, and more.

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30 Responses

  1. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Mad respect for him. I think he made the right choice. If you let people know they can break the rules, they probably will.

  2. S P A C Y says:

    This interview is the definition of the phrase “never mistake a man’s kindness for weakness.” He’s never giving Pereira that shot ever again and I respect that a ton.

    • SloppyVM says:

      That quote doesn’t sit well unless Wonderboy himself demonstrate with action and fight Pereira and win. But that’s not the case. Huge L wonderboy huge L

    • Elyas says:

      ​@SloppyVMpoor you

    • Dope Rat says:

      ​@SloppyVMthat doesn’t make sense

    • yoyehh says:

      ​@SloppyVMit is figuratively my dude not physically lol

    • Nicky Bobby says:

      @SloppyVM Dude should learn to make weight then and not try to cheat and get an advantage. The truth is, these fighters know they can get away with it so they try to fight heavier. And then if you say “no, i’m not fighting this overweight guy” you’ll be demonized like you’re the problem. The UFC is a cheat organization, and USADA is also no different. They have certain fighters they pump a lot of money into in order to generate as much income as possible, which means those fighters can get away with much more, like steroids and no weightcuts for example.

  3. DeadGlassEyes says:

    He did not say a single wrong thing. What a great athlete, what a great human. Love you Wonderboy.

  4. The Standard Barber says:

    This is the most upset we’ve ever seen Steven Thompson. It’s great to see him relatable. In my eyes he’s only gained more respect. 🥋

    • Isaac Hudson says:

      The crazy thing is that he is still super calm and respectful. That’s the NMF champ right there.

    • The Boot Patrol says:

      You can tell he felt disrespected by michel. I would too if I were in his position. You get a chance to fight #7 when you’re #15 and can’t even make weight? That’s such a slap in the face as wonderboy said

    • dranreb1118 says:

      @The Boot Patrol At first I thought, just take the 20% off his purse and make the fight. Fighters do it all the time. But then Wonderboy explained and he’s right. You can’t let guys get away with breaking the rules and you have to respect your opponents.

    • The Boot Patrol says:

      @dranreb1118 yep. There should be no tolerance for unprofessionalism in a sport of professionals. It is actually embarrassing

    • Keef Stan RoyDonk says:

      ​@The Boot Patrolwell said

  5. James Rosales says:

    Pay this man ! Full respect to him. Not cutting that last 3 pounds has a HUGE impact on the body and brain.

  6. Kenneth Labitad says:

    “Giving them a chance to climb up the leaderboard, as he did too when he was at that stage of his career.” That alone sums it all up among all the things he said! Props to Wonderboy for being classy and a real professional as ever! Always rootin for you bro!👍

  7. drunken idaho says:

    Stopping cutting the day before is 100% cheating. He just wanted to come in heavy. Fighters who don’t make weight win more often than they lose.

    • J D says:

      Thats just not true lol, fighters that miss weight lose approximately 56-57% of the time in the UFC

    • Ef47 says:

      Wrong, Geoff neal weighed in 175 pounds and shavkat still took that fight and finished him!

    • Luis Castaneda says:

      @Ef47😂😂😂 shazkavat has that dawg in him tho

    • Jack Vv says:

      There’s no excuse for missing weight, Diaz, masvidal, chad mendes(just to name a few) made weight on short notice Paul felder and Al laquinta made 155 with 1 days notice

      the fact that let people like khamzat, khabib, romero, costa, figgy, Olivera and everyones favorite meat ball muncher DC get away with it with it whilst punishing wounderboy and not paying him is a joke, if you miss weight twice you should be banned from the division

    • Jesus Blanco says:

      I’m glad Dana white doesn’t agree with you . They are professionals they need to make weight

  8. Joel Pagan says:

    It always breaks my heart listening to the injustices the UFC does to these fighters. I love these guys!

  9. Jp🥋 says:

    Gotta love this guy!! Not a boring fighter either. I’m behind him 100%. He needs to be compensated very well. Upstanding guy and fighter! Hopefully we will get to see him fight this year! Thanks Ariel

  10. Sadalmelik says:

    I am very grateful for fighters like Stephen Thompson, good on you man 👍

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